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  1. Alliances

    Are stupid
  2. Gold Status Incentive?

    You need a therapist, dude.
  3. Synclock Challenge

    Would be interesting to see if there are more spammers or whining about cubes in the forums.
  4. Synclock Challenge

    Yet you complain almost everyday here, on your website, Twitter, and YouTube channel that the game needs to change because cubing has such an impact.
  5. Suggestions:To the devs...

    Pause development on Android until there is a viable Blue release for existing platforms Keep players interested by providing smaller and more frequent updates. Major updates are tougher to test and support. Introduce a max that galvs can protect. Do we really need 50 mil towers? Void support bots for players in decay $30 a month package to use unlimited attack or defense ordinance, $50 for both plus support formations Beacons More bases Longer range attack ordinance Include chat/wire functions in the API so developers can do cool things to help overcome various game limitations
  6. News in France

    I heard all the French players fled to the UK after one German player accidentally shot a single missile into France.
  7. Sore Losing?

    Do you have any karaoke videos, Dings?
  8. Ghost Town/Vega80

    does vega still play? All his bots seem to be disappearing.
  9. Launch Verification

    Or simply make the symbols bigger so I don't need to wear glasses just to play a phone game.
  10. ...also a YouTube channel. Seriously man, better stop it, you could get banned for being a bully.
  11. I searched qonqrd on Bing and just found your twitter account and web page all dedicated to making the world know about the evil dodgy. Who's the bully again?
  12. Qonqrd, Maybe if you used your game name in the forum people would only think you are a whiner, instead of thinking you are a joke and a whiner.
  13. Wow... if you feel the need to whine about a phone game where people fire imaginary bots into imaginary zones, how do you handle conflict in real life? Millennials
  14. April Fools from the Devs

    Although this seems to have broken certain people with no sense of humor, I hope it doesn't discourage future creativity!
  15. Maybe it's okay to spam as long as it's in Russian?
  16. Launch Verification

    It's official, Launch Verification has caused me to go colorblind.
  17. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    We mostly think swarm is like grass, every few weeks they climb their way onto the state leaderboard and we have to mow them back down. If you think about it, having a lot of local swarm is a workout.
  18. Vulcan Death Grip

  19. Vulcan

    Taking down a 8+ mil enemy tower... A whole lot of cubes Listening to a legion troll whine in the forums... Priceless
  20. Illinois-Iowa Op

    I'm in, send a message to my MySpace account with the details.
  21. Poaching

    Ladies and Gentlemen, a very important question... What is the proper punishment for an operative who is caught attempting to recruit players from your team? I had the car gassed up and ready for a trip to Waterloo, but it's the holidays and I started wondering if I really could take all this person's zones without upsetting Santa Claus.
  22. stacking order ?

    If you are legion or swarm it's a solid plan.
  23. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Would appreciate if someone posted a summary. Dings?
  24. Rogue players

    People get so bitter when they are at the business end of a nanostorm.
  25. Rogue players