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  1. New to forums

    Yeah, I got nothing to hide! And I just wanted to let everyone in my area kno that they are getting spanked by a woman.
  2. New to forums

    I do love the swarm haha thanks!
  3. how was everyones 4 of july?

    I'm still recovering lol
  4. New to forums

    Thank you, thank you
  5. New to forums

    Swarm all the wayy!! Besides, switching factions is for the weak.
  6. Regarding the Purchase of Zones

    I think people are nuts when they do that.... I mean i'm with Murgatroyd7, I enjoy when people get mad at me for destroying them or hear people have spent money to keep up with me.... I haven't spent a dime. I also don't see a point in truces or agreements or anything of that nature. Play the game, stop looking for free passes.
  7. New to forums

    yayyy got it all up, now time to join the swarm forum
  8. New to forums

    Thanks a lot guys! Yeah I'll try to join the swarm forum now and working on my sig and profile pic now
  9. New to forums

    Hi! Names Jessica and I'm new to the forums, not so new to the game. Lol. I'm lvl 100, swarm <3, and located in stl area! Just lookin to see what's up in this forum... Usually all over car forums because I love working on my supra but this game is pretty fun! I need to figure out how to join the swarm forum so I can talk with my team. Also tryin to figure out how I can put my sig and profile pic up. Gotta get on my computer tho. Anyways just thought I'd say hi! -Jess