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  1. So I don't hop on to the forum much anymore, aside from real life busyness and whatnot, I have my QONQR friends on Groupme, but I did tonight for some reason. Holy cheeseballs. It's even worse than I remember. The arguments. The baiting. The flaming. The ickyness. Guys and gals...THIS IS A GAME WE PLAY ON OUR CELLPHONES. I'm fortunate to have met a ton of people through QONQR, many of whom I consider good friends and a few whom I've met and have become good "real-life" friends. Many have been Faceless, as that is my faction. Many others are Swarm, and even Legion (to any who don't know, I'm pretty Swarm-friendly, at least locally. Legion...well I like to kill red bots). Anyways...I guess I just want to say, regardless of faction, do you guys realize after a point how petty this all is? I get not getting along with particular personalities, I don't get along with everyone. But for goodness sakes, "They're on a different faction, I have to despise them at a personal level"...STOP. I guarantee all the keyboard jockeys wouldn't act this way face-to-face with your WORST Qonqr enemies. Heck, for any who remember my "beef" with Tetra, no matter how it continues, I met the guy IRL, it went fine. We talked like civilized human beings. Here's a simple rule in life. Don't be an ***. If someone else is an *** to you, try being nice. You may actually diffuse their ***-ness. This thread isn't about any sort of action in the game. In the end none of that matters. See the big bold italicized line. Atlantis, mercs, cubes, whatever. It doesn't matter. You want to play the game with different goals than me, fine. That doesn't make me soft, it doesn't mean I won't fight you in-game. Unlike quite a few, it seems, I keep a distinction between my playing goals, and my social goals. I can have a civilized conversation with a red or green while we duke it out over a zone. Try it someday. It's way more fun than being butthurt. If any of my Faceless faction mates have a problem with me being social with other factions, let me address it now. I'm in CEL. I'm in GPF. Yes, that's right, both. I can also say with nearly full certainty that I've been Faceless longer than you have. Feel free to check that out, if you like. I always have been. I'm in CEL, but in the last Atlantis won by Faceless, 99% of my action was fighting Swarm. It was necessary. I'm in GPF, but I have no defections. I'm willing to talk and socialize with anyone who's not a giant Richard. In game, I am Faceless. Always have been. Always will be. Outside of that wonderfull app we all play, I am a human being. We all are. So ffs, everyone take a giant chill pill and act like it. If you can't understand socializing with in-game enemies about non-game subjects, then I'm terribly sorry about how you lost all your friends after that one time playing Mario Kart or Battlefield competitively, and I feel for you about your disownment when you played ping-pong against your parents. (commence angry replies and all that in 3...2...1...)
  2. Technically...none of it is real. Take the red pill, cafe! None of us are really here!
  3. Answers about C.E.L.

    Hold on, I'll go get him
  4. Since we're both Faceless now, you mind scooting over and sharing some of those biscuits?
  5. It is totally relevant. By your logic, I can say Legion as a whole are bullies, based solely on any single bullying incident with a single Legion. You cannot blame the entire organization for a single person's views. I also can't help but notice you say "members" in the plural, when referencing something said by a singular person. I most certainly can use him as an example. First off, PeterJr and I fought before you even started playing. Originally, he took zones from me, hence where that started. Secondly, how would him having taken the zones that you "originally" took from me even relate to him being untouchable? Your reasoning here doesn't make sense. He also took a zone in west Boca from me, and I assure you, you had no role in that. I used Scarlet as an example simply because she posted in this thread. First off I'm not very familiar with the Orlando area but there are 2 issues here I wish to raise. First, correlation=/=causation. You are taking something which is a fact, lack of Swarm presence in Orlando, (by the way I'm taking your word on that, I haven't checked the map), and attaching your theory as to why as if that too is an undisputed fact. It most certainly is not. The other issue, which doesn't directly relate to this but I feel should be mentioned, is prior to late last year, Richin and Axxr, (who was at that time the 2nd place player in FL, a Legionnaire) who live in the same region, had a mutually beneficial non-aggression pact, which allowed them to respectively stack purple and red side by side. As I'm sure you can imagine, this definitely had a stifling effect on any new swarm in the area. Yet I never heard any Legion complain of Swarm being stifled there as I do now. Quite interesting. And your point is?... I would say that scope upgrades are a personal choice. Yes arguably a person with a maxed scope is more powerful but consider this: Let's say I have 250,000 credits to spare. I want to attack a zone. Do I spend that 250,000 credits on an overall 5% attack boost? or do I spend it on 250 missiles, which on average should give me around 250,000 kills, more or less depending on what the missiles are hitting, and support levels, etc. Yes the upgrade is more worth it in the long term, but in the short term, 1/4 million in damage is very enticing. Of course. The reason for this is pretty obvious. When you are playing on a regional level, you spend a lot of credits on missiles. This seriously dents your credit pool, and upgrades in turn suffer (Unless willing to purchase cubes). Most of the Swarm/Faceless uninterested in CEL, are uninterested with playing with a group entirely. They are content to play strictly at their local level. Playing locally=little to no missiles=less credits spent=more available for upgrades. I assure you, calling for aid from allies when being attacked is not unusual by any standards. Even if the Swarm running interference is removed (no CEL), I could still get help from almost any of the Faceless in range that I know. We already established that Faceless outnumber Swarm or Legion in Florida (not combined). If you prefer, next time I could only call in purple assistance. I wonder if that would be "fairer" to you. I fear not, for you would still be outnumbered. As I said above, any feud between PeterJr and I predates you. I wanted to attack PeterJr at the time because of an uncalled-for nasty IGM he sent me, that frankly irked me enough that I boardwiped him, and that's not usually my style. When I say boardwiped, I don't mean I dropped him below top 50. I mean I hunted down every zone of his and eliminated them until his bot count was 0. I was also fighting against a few other people at the time, and had my hands full. I figured it would make my life easier if I pointed you in his direction, to avoid a spat between us, since I couldn't fight on that many fronts at once. At the time I was completely alone, I had not made contact with any other Faceless players. I never scheduled an attack against PeterJr. I sent you a message asking if you wanted a treaty to focus on PeterJr. You replied with "Sure, his rapid expansion is definitely problematic." I don't have a screenshot of that message, I had a WP7 device incapable of screenshots at the time. There was no communication between us past that. Furthermore, there was no communication between I and other players that later became CEL until a week or so later. My first message from Ap0c was something along the lines of "Are you in an alliance with Tetra of Legion?" I replied yes, he said he was planning an op, and wanted me in. I refused, so he asked if I could at least plasma you and gain intel on the zone structure. Seeing as he was a teammate, I obliged, seeing as one plasma isn't exactly a crime. Beyond that i didn't participate in any ops against you aside from plasma intel until late last year. basically, tldr: There was no op against PeterJr, just an understanding between us to focus on him. There was no bait and switch, down to the minute as you claim. St1nk wasn't even in CEL until at least a month after the original op against you. I very much have said that. I still wish we could come to an understanding. I have nothing personally against you, our hangout was fun, and I'm up for doing that again if you are (perhaps with less walking next time). But this is the way I QONQR. I am interested in winning. My definition of winning is no red zones. Its absolutely nothing against the members of the Legion, I really do like the lot of you. it's just a game to me, and I have no qualms about trying to turn my friend's different-colored hexagon into my own. I still am curious about CEL induced stagnation, though. I heard no complaints when you and I towered to the top of the Florida boards. There was certainly Legion-Faceless induced local stagnation there. But maybe since that stacked the odds in your favor and mine, you didn't notice.
  6. I cannot speak for everyone here, but the general tactic when dealing with new players of another faction has been to firstly send them a message welcoming them to the game, only later even introducing CEL as a concept. During this time, they will be lightly sparred with, on a one-on-one level, to keep them interested (new players are usually bored by stacking). Convert or quit is a "tactic" used by different players of all factions, Legion very much included, but it is, in my opinion a shameful tactic to use on a new player, and it has never been endorsed by CEL. Of course it does not. I stated quite clearly in my post that CEL places Legion at a disadvantage. However, until now, Legion had always claimed to already be the weakest faction of the 3, making CEL unacceptable. I am simply stating that while you are at a disadvantage, it is not mathematically as huge a discrepancy as you claim, and CEL is strongest+weakest vs. middle. Again it is mathematically less biased than certain areas where a SINGLE faction completely dominates, with much less opposition than the Florida Legion pose, yet I see not all the forum posts about how dominating factions in those areas are so "unfair" and so on. Green can hit purple and vice versa, that won't end CEL. Its a bit naive to think that the second I launch a missile at, say, Scarlet, the whole thing comes crashing in on itself. And likewise, we have a sizeable number from each faction. Just the CEL Swarm and just the CEL Faceless are a decent force to begin with...not to mention any non CEL players at the local levels. Regarding all the kills stuff...I didn't upgrade my scope for the longest time due to being limited to what I can harvest, and always being called on for missiles. Believe it or not, I had a six digit credit pool for the first time in early September or so. You make a mistake with assuming that the scope upgrades are relevant to pulling average kill stats. Averages are just that. They factor in those with 100% upgrades and those with 0%. And anyways, by your own admittance, if they are factored in, Legion would again have an advantage. If you like, I can pull the percentage of upgrades for CEL vs Legion.
  7. First off let me preface this by saying you have far more patience with numbers than I do. I won't go into everything mentioned in the other thread, to stay on topic. Focusing on the following percentages in your other thread: Top 50 (Florida) Bot Count By Faction, Percentages: Faceless: 51.64% Legion:30.5% Swarm:17.86% Clearly, if (prior to Zopyros switching) Faceless and Swarm had the same zone count to 0.1% accuracy (+/-7 zones) yet Faceless had nearly 2.9x the amount of bots deployed, Swarm were spread much more thinly. This is also clear due to the then-current discrepancy of 7 more Faceless players than Swarm. Here, however, is where it gets interesting. Legion, from the start, have claimed that in Florida, they are the underdog, the "weakest faction". So far this has been accepted as common knowledge. Looking at the then-current (I'll get to the point we are at currently in a bit) stats, arguably when Legion were at their weakest, at least by zone count (less than 10% of the state), we see the following data emerge: Average Defensive Bots Deployed (Top 50) Per Faction Player [Total top 50 bots per faction/faction players in top 50] Faceless: 10,589,817 Swarm: 5,085,571 Legion: 14,215,998 Let's note that Richin109, being in the top 5 USA players, heavily boosts the faceless average. Here is where an interesting picture emerges. Using the above raw data, we can discern the following facts (assuming that players below the top 50 follow a similar trend): Faceless outnumber the other factions by sheer player number. This tends to be true in most regions. Swarm have the middle membership numbers, Legion have the fewest. Swarm players have the lowest average successful defensive deployments. Legion have the highest. (In other words, "bots on the battlefield") "But wait!", you say. "Bots on the battlefield is not necessarily an accurate picture of the player, offensive-only players would not have many bots on the field, but their kills make up for it!" You're completely right. This is where the statistics skew in Legion's favor. Simply put, due to CEL, Swarm and Faceless can only hit 1 in every 10 zones, roughly, and have a total bot target of 156 million. On the other hand, Legion can hit both factions, so they can hit 9 in every 10 zones, and have a total bot target of 356 million. Unfortunately, I obviously cannot go back and get kill stats from the top 50 at that time, but by this, the Legion, if they are playing the game, should have on average more kills than Faceless or Swarm. This even applies if the Legion play primarily defensively. Let's play it safe: Let's say, despite evidence otherwise that all 3 factions have a similar average kill count per player. In what way, besides sheer player numbers when pitted in a free-for-all situation, which is easily the worst way to define which faction is weakest, are Legion the "weakest" faction? If anything, the lack of CEL would drive the Swarm to near extinction. Moving on (finally!) to the current standings: The current statistics are as follows (I threw in your pre-switch bot numbers, that you so helpfully posted in the title of this thread, since that was the situation that "forced" you to switch due to the "unfairness" of CEL.) [This also places #50 at #51, so the #50 player has been removed from the stat pool] Faceless: 299,919,849 26 Players Average per player: 11,535,379 Percentage of zones held: 54.9% Swarm: 105,026,089 12 Players Average per player: 8,752,174 Percentage of zones held: 19.1% Legion: 157,152,736 12 Players Average per player: 13,096,061 Percentage of zones held: 21.2% Note: 4.7% of zones are unclaimed Don't forget that had these numbers been taken a week ago, they would have tipped more heavily in Legion's favor, as this doesn't count 4 other top 50 Legion players that recently switched, and were replaced by #51-54 in the state, all relatively small-time Faceless and Swarm. Conclusion: Yes, undoubtedly, CEL means that Legion face the toughest odds. Yes, by most measures, Faceless are the dominant faction. But this constant assumption that CEL is the 2 strongest factions teaming up against the weakest, is a complete and utter fallacy. In fact, it is the strongest and weakest teaming up against the middle faction. Is this unfair? Perhaps. But it is not much different from any area where a particular single faction has near utter dominance (see: Ohio for the Faceless and Connecticut, until recently, for the Legion, etc). I would in fact argue that it is even more balanced than those aforementioned areas, especially as Legion have recently been gaining ground here, until they willingly imploded. A final note: You will notice I didn't include kill stats for each faction currently. Frankly, I don't have the time to do all that tonight, so I shall get to that tomorrow afternoon. It will be interesting to see if that data follows a similar pattern as what we have seen here.
  8. Legion are the best!!! Wait...****... I still don't understand how that confirms that CEL is entirely run by Faceless and "puppet" Swarm. How is there no possibility that it's the other way around? Orrr... *gasp* that it is in fact a joint organization? Is it by looking at the state leaderboard? Because there have always been more Faceless stackers than any other faction. (Richin, myself, Nimrey, etc) A few months back Swarm owned the majority of zones in the state, so by zone count measures they were the puppet masters, I suppose. I was unaware their zone count had dropped as it did, but now that Swarm have gained some new members now , hopefully the percentage of green zones goes up again.
  9. Starting New In A Ghost Town

    Your level will not reset, but all your bots will self destruct. Once you level up fully though 100,000 bots isn't a huge deal, thats less than half a day of deployments.
  10. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    So this is what it's like being a spectator in one of *these* threads. Leigh I brought you a lawnchair. Can I have some of that popcorn?
  11. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    As someone who has spent a minimal amount of cubes and has also had some towers burned down due to cubing here's my opinion. When I bought cubes, as Kirra said, it was mostly as a tip to the devs for making a great game overall. Did those cubes really make a massive gameplay difference to me? Not really. Do I have a problem with people who spend massive amounts on cubes? No. (Though I will admit to the occasional fairly heated message in the heat of the moment) Thanks for funding the game better than I ever could. If someone wants to spend their real money on buying nanomissiles, etc, to hit me with, to get that extra bit of damage vs just using ZA or Shock, fine. I take a certain pleasure in knowing that I'm that much of a threat. All that being said, the part where it turns from cubing=advantage to cubing=unfair advantage is in the potentially unlimited amounts of refreshes. Refreshes are fine to an extent. Seeing as they are the only thing in the game truly unattainable by harvesting, then there's no way the devs would remove them. I would even go so far as to say that using refreshes offensively unlimitedly is okay. I can rebuild for free. It just takes my time.The only part where I feel it becomes ridiculous is in unlimited defensive usage. If I and some teammates are attacking a target, but they cube refreshes in a way that it is impossible to lower their count, that is where I believe it crosses the line into game-breaking territory. I no longer have a reason to attack. It's basically like playing an FPS competitively against an opponent with God Mode. My solution would be this: 1. Put a daily or weekly bot refresh cap. Leave energy alone, let plasma cubers keep at it, not like they're leaving a bot presence. Perfect for local cubing attackers. 2. Introduce a similar ordinance to a nanomissile. Same sort of range, but it uses no bots, and leaves no bot remains in the target zone. (EMP warhead, maybe?) Perfect for long range cubing attacks. Have it cost...maybe 1,500 credits? (Nanomissile+DPF core cost). With the above solution, cubing would still have it's massive offensive capabilities, which is what most players use cubes for anyways. However, the ability to cube refresh an unkillable zone is removed. Of course if anyone wants to tweak that idea in any way, go for it. But this is just my idea.
  12. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    I also agree with F3N and reef as well, if cheaters know the criteria for how cheaters are discovered, they will know what to avoid doing. Also, people who multiscope may not just do it to gain a gameplay advantage, they may also have other motives such as gaining access to an enemy faction's intel/chatrooms/etc. In that sort of case they can easily game the system. If the details of cheater detection are kept hidden, they may be less paranoid, making it easier to obtain actual proof of their cheating. Consider the following scenario: let's say I was an unscrupulous individual and wanted in on Legion forums and chatrooms more than a gameplay advantage. By seeing this, I would use my main acct normally, but use the second (multiscope) Legion acct only at work, and various other non-home locations. If I work far enough away from my home, I can fairly easily make it seem as though I am two people, with nearly nothing suspicious.
  13. Cube Rage!!

    Phone won't let me quote, but RE "that's a funny way of quitting". Again that doesn't make sense. That conversation happened AFTER you started defending. I specifically told you in the convo to clear it because there were some purple bots in there still. RE "stranglehold". I didn't say you had a stranglehold, I said we both do. You have more large towers, I have smaller towers for the most part but claim more zones. Either way we are pretty much the 2 major players in the area. Stink to an extent but he is more to the north. RE "one lone legion" you are technically 2 local legion, and a dozen or so missile support. I have 3 local faceless including myself, with more missile support by player count, but on average a lot less missiles per player for any given situation, barring weeks or months of planning.
  14. Cube Rage!!

    Not sure what you mean, it was 2 faceless players using shock, seekers, amps, and plasma, a few other faceless launched several to a few dozen missiles at it, and a swarm or two chucked a few missiles as well into the mix. We weren't obsessively attacking it every waking moment of the day if that's what you mean by uncoordinated flailing. I don't have that kind of time to devote to it, I work and go to college. Again, I don't understand the mentality here, you complain about being outnumbered and whatnot, but sat back and let us kill almost 2 million defensive bots out of sympathy? I can't fathom why. I don't know Jengy nor the lauderhill one. The one near me, I assume you mean Justin2161 or something like that. I never called CEL on him. He was faceless and defected to legion. He attacked my zones and i defended them successfully, until he eventually gave up. By affecting the health of the area, I assume you mean the "natural" flow of zones flipping and general chaos. However, you never complained when you weren't getting attacked, and we stacked in parallel. If anything I would argue that somewhat coincidentally having 2 top six state players in the same relatively small town and having those 2 stranglehold the area is much more discouraging to new players from any faction than any attack alliance.
  15. Cube Rage!!

    That conversation actually happened after you started actively defending, days after the attack had started. I was watching command center and at one point let you know that St1nk had dropped more bots in as a courtesy, and you said "thanks" and cleared them.