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  1. Dear Devs

    2 points from Earit I want to touch upon. I'll start by saying I'm sure most of you don't know me (unless you are faceless). I tend to not post here and try to stay out of the qonqr political bs and shittalking. Take my two cents however you may, I do not look to upset anyone, but just to echo what Earit said. I've been a part of qonqr longer than I had ever planned. I've taken a few hiatuses/breaks and am currently contemplating a full retirement as the game has gotten boring and I view it as a chore to go on and launch. The game has lost its fun. In my time in the qonqrverse, I've seen many good players leave. Some players who a lot of you have never heard of. Not just faceless players, but members of all factions. Its sad that quality qonqrers leave and are replaced by douchebags. I understand this is a game, and a "war" game at that. I get that the point is to control a zone for your faction, and hold it. Yes you'll get attacked, but there is the fun in the game, to see if you can out strategize your opponent. What happened to the one on one battles that made the early days of this game so great? There's nothing fun when you face a 6v2 battle everyday, where the at least 3 of the 6 cube every zone they take, I can see why quitting the game looks appealing. Not only a game, but to the devs this is a business, and a livlihood. Yes, I have purchased cubes. Yes, I have used them to take zones or fortify my zones I already hold. However, like the average, lower middle class American I am, I cannot afford to constantly spend on the game, like I'm sure many of you can't. I know of many who do spend, heavily, yet as a community we are rewarded with what? A comic strip that costs $100 per page? The game has gotten stale, boring, stagnant, however you wanna say it. Over 18 months here and the only "improvements" I've seen are the stupid atlantis competition, the failure that is sync lock, and an upgraded UI. Awesome. I will conclude by saying I don't care if I get mocked, or ridiculed. Like I stated, most of you don't know me. Just my two cents on the latest Earit rant. I know there are others, who do not use the forums, who share my sentiments. Qonqr on
  2. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    i'd like to be involved in the beta. admitedly im new to the forums but have been playing qonqr for quite some time. from western massachusetts. samsung galaxy s4 phone currently i am limited to using my ipod (which i can only use if there is wifi). i also have a samsung galxy tab2 in which i can use for the beta