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  1. Best Kill Ratio

    Just wanted to beat Jhup to posting it Clean up crew has all the fun.
  2. new goals for richin109

  3. Join LEGION. Fight QONQR. Save the WORLD.

    FIXED!!!! Honest to god I had too much time on my hands and thought it was time to change the avy. Went to check out threads I replied in then BAM! Luna already suggesting it lol. Oh well can't win em all. My biggest beef with legion is that you guys are stealing my favorite color...GIVE IT BACK NAOOOOO!!!!!
  4. Join LEGION. Fight QONQR. Save the WORLD.

    ok...Where is the reported for awsumness button??? Gotta admit, this is great. Nice work! If I ever hit my head, totally forget everything I believe in, and stumble across QONQR...this might make me roll legion.
  5. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    When I grow up I hope to be this awsum! Truly amazing GG!
  6. Reasons behind faction logos

    What I see? Faceless: Salty fire flames are the best Swarm: Oooo butterfly flying so free legion: Hmm...One pointing up and two tiny ones hanging down. A bunch of...how do I put it forum friendly....Richards!!! That's it! If you hadn't seen it before, you're welcome
  7. Map's Zones

    Yup. You're correct. As awesome as your cell is. It is just your phone. It's like deciding to either use an ax or a chainsaw to take down a tree. Sure both will get the job done but that chainsaw is waaay faster. I'll always prefer my cell over the ipad for QONQR. I don't know why it's taking minutes for you to log in. Maybe your cell needs more room to run the game? idk sorry. Biggest diff for me atleast is the ability to pin zones. If there is a way to do it on the ipad plz tell me!!! It's also nice when i'm a baddie and let my cell die. Of course anytime that happens my daughter and her furby are taking over the ipad....lil s**** Any other big diff btween the two?
  8. TYTY for this!! I<3Stats! My only grief are cat pics Can't stand em!!! Like it's not bad enough they won the internet they need QONQR too. Jerks!! Congratz to all the Award wins. And I totally agree w/ Novaa being funniest. Even tho its more cats!!! Dang it!