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  1. Oddball Strategy

    I have seen a lvl 100+ local faceless attack and defend a few zones in my city with only 1 or 2 launches of ZA and a s! ton of seekers, this was a few months back though.
  2. Plasma beam tactical question...

    I think the only way you can be found out in your sneakiness is if the zone makes it to the top 10? Can any one verify?
  3. Qonqr at Conventions

    Will Qonqr ever attend big conventions like PAX to market their product? If we could get mass amounts of players from conventions to join we could fix disparity of areas possibly. Thoughts?
  4. PAX West

    Any Qonqr Operatives going PAX West in Seattle this year? I think it would be cool to see some other players up there if they are going. #Synclockedfordays
  5. This guide is meant to give hope to new players that join into an area were they are outnumbered or have some huge zones around them. These are my personal opinions and are ment to be a general as possible. Hello new player, let me be first to welcome you to Qonqr. Before I start this guide, I will need you to decide what play style you fit into as this will help you decide what do in overwhelming odds. There are really only 3 types of players 1) The Turtle: You stack defense all day and try to keep to yourself. 2) The Shark: you try to take out anything you see. 3) The pigeon: You are just trying to be annoying to the other players. So now down to the nitty gritty. How to Turtle: Level 0-100 Pick spots you can easily take back with Zone assault and put bases there, usually 2,000 or less bots in that zone. Doing this will allow you to keep a maximum credit flow. Level 100-up Once you have reached level 100 you should be a a competitive level of play. Also, you should have noticed the level of response and quality of response you have been getting for capturing zones. If you are getting hit with missiles from just one player, feel free to stack deflectors as they will probably give up on your zone eventually as they will have bigger fish to fry. Keep hopping around until you find a zone that you can take and stack with minimal effort. If you are getting hit with locals, or Zone assaults, keep persistent and patient. There will be a time were they get distracted with other campaigns out of town. Then that s is when you make your move. If at all possible, get some near by players give some missile support as it will show you are not going solo and may take some heat off of you. How to Shark: All Levels Attack, Attack, Attack. Most shark style players I have run across will look at the largest zone they can reach and do what ever they cant o take it down. That is pretty much it, Sharks just want to focus on one target and drop it down. Then if they can, take it back up under their factions control. Sharks will tend to help other players out of their city more then attack their own. How to Pigeon: All Levels Annoy! Caw! Annoy! Pigeons just want to rain on everyone's parade. They tend to look for zones with under 3,000 bots to turn to their factions control. These zone will get turned back and the Pigeon will turn it again. Hence the annoying part. Pigeons tend not to care about keeping zones their faction and care less about defending them. Pigeons just attack were they can be the biggest problem to the big players. I hope this can give new players a place to start and a desire to play in overwhelming odds and not just switch factions, because that is no fun when every one is on the same team. Comment below if you think there is any more advice to give to newbies in hard to pay areas.
  6. New Players, Don't Bother With Legion

    I remember Kuri, we spoke on and off, nothing really notable. I was in that chat were you suggesting teams also, were I suggested some other idea that were shot down but completely understand why.. I also remember that, yes, some people didn't explain why they didn't like your idea to you directly very well, which is a shame really. I understand that you had an idea and did not like the majority of people siding against it, but its hard to argue the reason they shot you down, which is, assuming I recall correctly, "What we are doing is still working" and " Dividing ourselves will make us weaker". It is a shame that you got ousted but since I was not involved with that I cant comment on it. TLDR: Maybe some day the internet will not be a place for more drama then day time TV.... some day. Good luck on your new adventures and I hope there is less drama were you are at now