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  1. "death star" zones

    One in Hawaii, hickam village almost at 40 million
  2. New iPhone Release

    This update is awesome so far. Love the new look!
  3. Feeling tired after some fun in the sun.

  4. The Pain of Growth

    Awesome, one of the many reasons this game is so great.
  5. Hi my name is super tramp

    Yea haha the chance to kill his bots while running down his qonqr funds by getting as many drinks as you can for free from him. Excellent strategy haha
  6. Hi my name is super tramp

    What he said was actually funny.Judging by how you reacted maybe you should take him up on his offer and drink your troubles away lol or just take your zone back.
  7. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    True, I figured that one was already said at least once lol
  8. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    You capture zones while grocery shopping..
  9. California Top 50 Leaderboard Stats

    Sweet! Thanks!
  10. California Top 50 Leaderboard Stats

    Good luck then haha
  11. California Top 50 Leaderboard Stats

    Haha it's been a while,what's up how's the battle going on your end
  12. California Top 50 Leaderboard Stats

    I wish there was one for Hawaii haha even though its a small state in the middle of nowhere
  13. 1 minute captures?

    If your zones are being captured constantly by multiple enemies at least that's what I'm assuming then you might want to stop trying to build up bases and just harass your enemies around you. You can focus on holding one base your particularly fond of and then annoy the **** out of the other teams. It will raise your bot kill count so you can earn the medals and when another player or a few more pop up then you won't have as much resistance to get through and your group effort will likely be better. Just a thought.