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  1. About Multis and a possible new rule

    Not sure I understand your point. The problem is "indeed" with elite multi players against whom nothing can be done. My proposition is they keep an advantage as long as they are not targeting the same zone. It looks fair, doesn't it ? It will avoid situations where a single player owning 5 elite accounts keeps advantage against 5 regular opponents.
  2. I would like to propose a "fair" solution to the "elite multi account" problem. Why not reducing bot powers (attack and def) of multi account on the same zone? Let's say the main account keeps 100% of attack and defense power while multis only gets 50% of attack and defense ? (one can also imagine 50% for the first multi, 25% for the third and so on) Why this ? Again because IT IS NOT NORMAL that a single player owning 6 "elite" multis is able to take over 7 different players of the opponent faction. What do you think ?
  3. To all the french Swarms

  4. To all the french Swarms

    Hey @xarnos !!Something really funny happened yesterday in Bagneux France. We have been attacked by swarms... And guess what ??? We were containing them without any problem !! This was before Bouyeros came on the zone .. 200k in 2 minutes... Refresh, refresh, refresh... We are really disorganized, that's why we lost the zone, this is the only explanation, or wait..is it ? Really ?
  5. To all the french Swarms

    @dings90 what do you mean ? Personally, I took around 200 zones with as many nanos bought with credits earned from harvests
  6. To all the french Swarms

    Et @xarnos, t'as vraiment un anglais de merde...
  7. To all the french Swarms

    @xarnos, we overtook last week before the hack almost 5000 zones to bouyeros... How can you be so dishonest ? It was a very fine tuned operation with much cooperation from many players.
  8. To all the french Swarms

    @lostcaptain, don't forget qonqr is geolocalised. I don't give a **** **** of what happen beyond the sea. Unless I or someone beyond cross the sea. Your argument is pointless.
  9. To all the french Swarms

    Xarnos, once again your understanding of my words is erroneous and so is your understanding of the situation. I am not complaining on cubers, I cubed myself in the past. But again, there's cubing and ... Cubing. Only a few, very few people can afford spending several thousand bucks a year and when it happens, then the game become really unbalanced. It would be quiet simple to prove taking numbers from some of the battles we fought against each other. Advantage given to biggest cubers is unbeatable. This is not a matter of strategy. I will tell you only one thing, remove only one French swarm, ONE, you know who I am talking about, and I bet everything I own on earth that France will never be as GREEN anymore. To end this discussion, I know I will not change your mind and I don't care, as a matter of fact, history is the best proof of what I say here. Second, as much as I hate this situation, regarding game's rules, swarms are fair and they stay in what is allowed so there is nothing to feel bad about on your side. If the devs want more fair game and keeping non paying or occasionally paying players in the game then maybe they'll do something. If not, there's nothing I can do about it.
  10. Wave of hacking (Serious issue)

    Hi Schneewolf, I totally agree with your point of view. Thanks for sharing !
  11. Wave of hacking (Serious issue)

    Thanks for the detailed explanation on what happened. Restoring hacked accounts was the only way of solving this problem. Today is a sad day however... And I really wonder, and everyone should, what motivated someone to hack the game. Because IT IS ONLY A GAME! Or is it ? Probably not. Because many players are deeply involved in this game, people who learned to know each other and even met in real life after they met in the game. We saw some players disappearing from the official leading board so it is obvious from this that these players are pointed out as the culprits. I have an idea on their motivations but it will never be an excuse for hacking the game even if everyone here once thought about hacking enemy accounts to make them lost everything. Just because some players really come to hate other players from what they did or what they said or because paid players are pointed out as too powerful. Silver, despite the awesome work and efforts you put in the game system, I really feel like there is a problem between paid and non paid players. I don't have any clue on this and I may be the only one in the world thinking like this and I also understand you have to live, earn money and pay your salaries, but I can't help but think there is a balance problem. And for sure, this has contributed if not 100% to the hacker(s) motivations, which again I do not approve or agree in any way. Yes, today is a sad day for me ..
  12. Everything's in the title ! Who played Hyperium web based war game looooong ago ?
  13. Wave of hacking (Serious issue)

    Ok Silver, Now that some of hacked accounts have been restored, could we please have an explanation of what happened ? Thanks
  14. Massune... You are a very funny guy.. Really ! Come visit French jail when you are around, they are really cool ! Cable, sat, swimming pools, tennis... Best class hotels, really