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  1. This is more of fun post than anything else, (something we desperately need after this past week), but after seeing Silver fighting Atlantis multiple times, we Faceless need to ask: Where's OUR dev representation? Today, swarm and legion teamed up to try to take out Atlantis. When I hit some of Silver's amp fuses, I asked if any of them had seen Silver in the zone before. Although I forgot to take a screenshot of my last hit, here are some photos that my teammates pulled up for me that has evidence of Silver trying to retake Atlantis!! We had recently put Silver into our Atlantis Groupme to discuss our sync lock woes, and only just realized, WE FORGOT TO REMOVE HIM! Below you can see us struggling to remove this notorious spy from our comms. Either our Faceless developer is hiding somewhere deploying alone, or he is inactive. We want to meet him!! Good job on Swarm and Legion coordinating an attack. Happy fighting everyone.
  2. Winning Atlantis

    It seems like everyone is misunderstanding where most faceless are coming from. The "official" battle at Atlantis was already biased to begin with. What reasonable Faceless, after seeing the incineration of 30 million bots in the April Atlantis would want to make any effort at July Atlantis again? What reasonable Faceless, after seeing hundreds of $ wasted, and only Cas/Amberkin receiving a T-shirt, would want to deploy? Might I add that the original Atlantis was never deemed a "test" until after it was sunk. It was surely a testament to Faceless dedication to see even a single Faceless in July Atlantis! To quote monk, we were "the faction who expected no surprise gift, but just helped support each other" when we deployed without reservations in the original Atlantis. And thus far, we have received no surprise gift. And to those that say that July Atlantis is the "real thing", clearly, it was still a test, seeing as the rules were being changed in the middle of play. The question you must answer is this: what makes July's Atlantis any more rewardable than the April Atlantis?
  3. Weapons Cache

    Thanks for the missile. But why can't a person directly gift another player, instead of creating an unsecured link where anyone can claim it? Seems roundabout? This feature does have some potential! Obviously, it's just sad that multiscopes are allowed to pay to play now and that you have to consider their existence to implement this feature. Otherwise, this could have been a simple gifting feature.
  4. Agree with des Remember, Atlantis is just an alternative world to play in, so giving such big awards for such frivolity needs to be cautioned.
  5. Winning Atlantis

    //oops double post read on
  6. Winning Atlantis

    Ideas are great. We are glad you listened to suggestions made by the community. However it is a big, BIG mistake to have these rewards be given to this round of Atlantis. Announcing these rewards at the end of a tournament round is irresponsible. If retroactive rewards are to be given, then there must be some sort of reward for the first round of Atlantis (April Atlantis) in which equal, if not more, resources and effort was spent to ensure victory.
  7. Why must you assume that everyone who's inoculated is a multiscope?
  8. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    K I can stay on topic and give my two cents. I think there's nothing wrong with the balance of cubing in this game. In normal play, cubing will be a lot less sustained and a lot less excessive due to the regional restrictions of our scopes. Sure there will be one or two players that will go cube raging or frequently cube heavily, but one guy can be contained. But when we're in a competition against the entire worlds' teams, that's when cubing gets excessive and concludes with neither team gaining anything. So yes, it would be nice if Atlantis were a non-cubing area, or a limited cubing area. Right now, there is nearly limitless cubing potential with it being accessible to all the worlds' top players. I'm glad Willie and ItzCathan aren't normally regional in my area, and I'm sure you're all glad Dodgy and redeye aren't.
  9. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    Holy ****!!! Look at the mad stats for the past day's events! Most launches in a day?? Great collaboration with legion and faceless to mess up the Atlantis inbalance. I have never cubed this heavily before but it was quite a thrill alongside and against others just as passionate about this game. Please get names correct when you address people
  10. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    Get back in the battle dodgy, it's not over yet !!
  11. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    Lol... some one is not happy about this fun party!! Clearly, Dodgy Arab is not the only cuber lol... there are at least 7 players cubing and I counted a few of yours! Just his bots during attack are visible What you're really complaining about is the overpowered plasma attack!

    the bigger swarm zone is in France. Why isn't that called Swarm Capital? Or do your capital cities change every few months?
  13. Efficient Cubing Strategy

    Plasma is definitely the most cost efficient for cube raging. One cube can get you 8 shots (4 refreshes) or 12 shots if you are patient, where as one cube gets you 2 missiles and you have to energy refresh every 8th missile. Missiles do a little less than 1.5X plasma damage. Plasma is annoying because you always have that leftover 40 energy, but if you do a plasma spam while you have a lot of bots, you could pace it so that you use a seeker or shockwave once in a while (or absorber if the zone is free of assault bots)
  14. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    I do hope you are helping out with Atlantis right now. Do your duty as Faceless!
  15. Sync Lock Blog Post and Video of how it works.

    While I may not have the same attitude toward the devs as Buyu and some of my teammates, I have to support his stance on this feature. Sync Lock, while in theory can appeal to "diplomacy", players holding each other accountable, etc, is one of those classic "good intention" ideas ripe for mishandling and abuse. It creates an even bigger problem than multiscoping. I have heard of countless multifaction problems with this feature. More often than not, sync lock is abused by players who purposefully sync-lock known family accounts to gain an advantage. Previous areas where teams were balanced have now been ruined as the side with the most "loner" (such as mine) accounts gains huge tactical advantages. Obviously and rightfully so, the family players choose not to pay this cube premium since it costs the opponent zero to lock them. Sync-locking players that you do not even know is another feature that is easily abused. World-wide communication and lists are kept of players that test positive for sync locking, and now anyone and everyone who knows you are a candidate for sync lock will lock you out. Even if you manage a local truce, anyone unaware of the truce on the other side of the world will now lock you out. Worse off, the player locked won't be able to trace the source of the lock, and thus there is no accountability for players immune to sync lock. I am one of those players immune to sync lock since I do not play with friends and am not in close proximity to any other player. After a day of locking players, I have decided never again to use this feature because of the negative game environment it has created. Abolish sync lock and move on.
  16. A Letter of Resignation

    Hey now, don't judge. Earit was one of ECF's finest. There were a multiple reasons as to his resignation, these are only some of the "concrete" ones. QONQR should take note of his resignation; losing an operative who once was so devoted financially and physically... Earit has done a lot for the Faceless's system of organization, reached out to rival factions and made friends with enemies, sent more than enough missiles for his team and asked for none in return. We had even discussed and he had volunteered to organize a road trip to an area where there was an enormous enemy tower..... If there were a hall of fame, Earit would be right up front and center. Though I did not agree with him all the time, his motives were true-- he was always looking to expand Faceless influence over the world. As I said earlier, we will miss you.
  17. A Letter of Resignation

    Pleasure to have served with you my friend. We will miss your enthusiasm. I'm going to stick around a little bit longer to see what will become of this game I have invested so heavily in. Now that we have some legion challengers in my area, things have at least gotten more interesting.
  18. Hi everyone, I know that the current hot topic is deciding what to do about Atlantis, but since I don't really have any better ideas than the ones already posted, I wanted to first step back a bit. Firstly, I have to commend the developers on the first breakthrough to putting this game back on the right track. As some of you may know, I scaled down my qonqr playing the past month due to the stagnant nature of the game-- despite many people purchasing cubes and putting money in the game, there seemed to be no improvements to the game mechanics. The direction of qonqr seemed to have veered toward witch-hunting alleged "multiscopers" instead of game development. I looked for an alternative game to spend my leisure time. While I only truly stopped playing for 5 days because I just HAD to start harvesting again, I was deploying only once or twice a day. Atlantis changed that. Some people are bitter about the fact that Faceless flooded the zone, cubed the heck out of it, etc, "just to get a free t-shirt". But as Darksbane mentioned, if only one person was cubing, it would be insignificant against two opponent factions from all over the world. So you see, many faceless cubed because each operative trusted each other to do their part. Immediately after Atlantis was announced, faceless operatives pulled top leaders from all regions together in a groupme to plan a push an hour later in which non-cubers and cubers alike would have a role. The only reason we had headway was because literally hundreds of faceless deployed together and made our bots stick. The reason Atlantis was more than just a competition for me was because it was a reunion, a culmination of my entire QONQR life. I don't know if everyone was able to experience this, but it was so exciting for me to work with old friends whom I had fought with in my past year of travels-- friends from California, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Florida, Colorado, Switzerland-- and new friends and legendary warriors whom I've only heard about but never seen in action. I've had an interesting past year, traveling to many places, but the one common denominator of these travels was QONQR. Seeing these familiar names associated with certain experiences brought back a certain nostalgia (I know, pathetic, right?) Even seeing and fighting off old opponents rekindled a passion I had for the game that I had lost this year. I wasn't able to break the top 50 Atlantis leaderboard, which just shows how crazy the team is and what a bright future there is for purple. QONQR hats off to you for an exciting April Fools! Best wishes for the hinted new developments!
  19. New Feature - Sync Lock

    After reading the blog post and thinking it through today, I have come to the same conclusion as Tiomun. What's to stop a multiscoper from just waiting 30 seconds between emptying scope A and scope B, basically nullifying any need to purchasing anti-lock? The answer to multiscoping is just to allow it but not condone it. Maybe if a community of players frowns on your activities, it is the greatest deterrence to any cheater
  20. New Feature - Sync Lock

    when ct legion and faceless agree, you know there is something extremely wrong. Qonqr boycott anyone?
  21. New Feature - Sync Lock

    For the record I am still completely against multiscoping and have been upholding the code of honor. It is just sickening to players that have been honest and punished to see that the current cheaters who do not come clean are now being encouraged to continue this
  22. New Feature - Sync Lock

    --move on-- (edited)
  23. Mai memes

    Yup. Spot on Jay. I'm glad that you are fully embracing your role in our groups Mai! =P
  24. Change For A Challenge

    Hey Onslaught, we have a group for beginning players that can make you feel very welcomed and glad that you are Faceless. Please message me in game or talk to Edroc213 who started it. Obviously, everyone's going to want you to switch to their team. Welcome to the game at any rate, regardless of your decision!
  25. Although if you noticed, he didn't spend those 100 cubes, most of those are still qredits. Looks like 200k qredits used?