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  1. For goodness sakes, people...

    tldr; join GPF, play the game quit your faction/politics. Stay off the forums. And DONT FEED THE TROLLS.
  2. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    Have fun with your bent iPhone 6+ or your 100 updates that will come with ios8. At this point as a technical support coordinator I wouldn't sell an iPhone to my mother, so I wont recommend it to you. Get a phone that will work as advertised for the entire time you have it. In my experience, that's going to be a Nokia Lumia. They even just released two new ones!
  3. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    So, I changed my mind after seeing the release info. The iPhone 6 just doesn't have the specs to stay competitive and be a viable choice. From what I've read, the battery has the same expected life as the iPhone 5. The biggest complaint I hear from iPhone users is about the battery life! I know this is the thinnest iPhone yet, but couldn't the battery be just a little bit bigger? I can still get 18 hours out of my 2 yr old Lumia! The question should be "Lumia or Android?" Again, I'd pick the LG G3, maybe the Galaxy Note Edge pending specs. The newly announced Lumia 830 will got to ATT and the 735 to Verizon, both are classified as "budget flagships". The Lumia 1520 is an incredible device as ap0c pointed out. The iPhone 6, in my opinion, is laughable. But, my wife will probably still want it.. I would love to see an actual Lumia flagship come out alongside these other releases, but there is nothing in the works. The 1520 will be the best Lumia option, followed by the Lumia Icon if you want a smaller screen. Again, the HTC M8 for Windows is technically the 'fastest' Windows phone, but it's not for me.
  4. Things Atlantis has Taught Me

    Cathan, the best part about Swarm is that we're open to new players and faction switchers. If you ever want to give green a go, just make the jump and we'll bring you in. We'd love to have you on the team.
  5. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    The Nokia Lumia 928 is a Verizon exclusive closest resembling the 925 on other carriers. The Nokia Lumia Icon is also a Verizon exclusive but its moniker is the 929. It had greatly improved processing speeds, reduced bezels which create a larger screen in almost the same shell, and a 20mp pureview camera with Carl Zeiss lens instead of the 928s 8.75mp camera. The Icon drops the true xenon flash in favor of the dual led flash. The only reason I would say iPhone is because there are no windows phones slated for production that can keep up with phones like the LG G3. The icon may be as good as the iPhone 6 but it's coming up on its first birthday. If you were looking at androids as well I'd recommend the G3 all day. I highly doubt LG will create a WP variant.
  6. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    Disclaimers: I am not an iPhone person. I work for Verizon. I absolutely love my Nokia Lumia 928. Disclaimers aside, and I cant believe I'm going to say this, I would suggest the iPhone 6. Why? In a recent article by WPCentral.com detailing the best Windows phones, the Nokia Lumia Icon was ranked the best overall thanks to its processing power, size, and pureview lens. For big phone lovers, they chose the 1520 on ATT. While the HTC M8 for Windows phone is currently the fastest windows phone on the market, the camera is lacking. Its 'Ultrapixel' doesn't compare to the preview lens at all. It does have a handy selfie mode though
  7. Factions flawed?

    God forbid there be strong female characters without ridiculously proportioned bodies.
  8. Schnarff'd

    Here's the deal. With the old system, you would wait weeks to hear if a pair were multi-scoping. Even cheaters could say "oh, that's my brother, sister, spouse, etc." The devs in most cases would have to take the players word for it. This allowed rampant multi-scoping without repercussion. With sync-lock, you get immediate results. With the new GPS updates, the 2km bubble will be reduced to almost nothing making family play much more feasible. As its been stated a thousand times before, this also COMPLETELY FREE'S GADGERSON who was spending all her time running scope investigations. With this extra time and resources I'm as confident as Silver that the game will get many more updates. They may even tackle the scoping issue at a different angle. No one has said Sync lock is perfect. It's not. But it is far superior to the old system. In regards to it not actually punishing scopers. Idk how it is in Faceless dominated NC, but where I am, a cold scope is a non-threat. You win battles here with strategy and well timed launches that keep your scope hot, but out of overheat. Consistency and persistency win everytime. In addition, Silver has stated the game is tilted in favor of defense. A lone defender can easily defend any size zone against two scopes when the first one launches and has to wait a full 30 MINUTES to launch again to avoid the lock. At that rate neither scope would ever enter the first level of overheat. Sync lock has made multi-scoping a wasted effort and I applaud the developer team for taking the time to show they really do care about the growth of Qonqr and are willing to take steps to fix any broken systems. The issue of multi scopers in this game is an evolving one. No one has said sync lock is the end all, be all answer. But again, it's a huge step in the right direction. Feel free to copy and paste this into every sync lock thread and then promptly lock each one so the issue can be closed.
  9. Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview

    Will we get transparent Qonqr tiles soon?
  10. *crying*

    Bu-bu-but d-daaaaaaaaad!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhh
  11. *crying*

    Bu-bu-but d-daaaaaaaaad!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhh
  12. *crying*

    Wahh waahhhh *sniff sniff* wahhhhhhhhhh
  13. Silver, thank you for putting the power in the players hands. If you are reading this thread, just stop. That goes for everyone.
  14. Divert Changing Slightly

    How does this change affect existing diverts already deployed?