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  1. I just read this entire thread. I am now tuckered.
  2. What's in a name?

    mine is because...well...I'm a large, jolly sort.
  3. Oop...where'd they go?

    why are people always so bitter?
  4. Oop...where'd they go?

    Right now, Qommnd.com shows Faceless as losing over 103,000,000 bots in the last 24 hours. Whuh happen?
  5. Props to East Coast Legion

    Because 2 people own the over 100 legion profiles that fought in Dover.
  6. Props to East Coast Legion

    A whole lot of faceless bots bottomfeeding for easy kills were lost, too. Pew pew ka choo to them, too.
  7. Milestones

    do multiscopes count with that?\
  8. Props to East Coast Legion

    And why...why was it not defended? Odd to use that as the side handed insult. pew.
  9. Dear Devs

    I'm confused by the talk of needing new players, wanting more community, demanding new features to create a new experience and attract more people, then in the next breath condoning ways of getting around the rules, patting yourself on the back for how clever you are at making it easier and easier for yourself to get an edge (calling your own actions cheating), ... and generally making it so that people that play near you - people that are just trying to play honestly and competitively, not trying to get one over - are pushed away and want to quit. All this to prove your point? To me it's like getting a new video game, playing on all the easiest settings possible, then thinking it's boring and beneath you and that you're a master at it when you stop playing it 4 months later, having only made it through the middle levels. I also find the language "in the name of finding adventure and hoping turning to Legion will make the game more fun for them" amusing, as all those PA faceless that have come to Legion.... each and every one... say that, at least in part, they switched because they cannot stand the drama and self proclaimed leaders. Just reading recent posts show that a good many of those still in PAF and other Faceless groupings can barely (if at all) stand each other. That is quite an interesting team dynamic.
  10. Dear Devs

    I'm not so techno savvy, so I'm bad with lingo and what not... but what do you call it when someone creates a fake profile to try and get into an opponents chat, are quickly discovered and then brag they'll just give out the user info so that anyone on their team can use that acct. Then one member of the team uses it to multi-scope in my area, gets 100% sync-locked, then another member of that team starts using the profile 20 miles or so up the road, so the sync lock is "broken" because they were able to prove "individual deployment activity" and then 10 minutes later.. yet another member of that team is using the profile 60 miles or so away to multiscope so that that 3rd player can help in on a tower being attacked? What's that called?
  11. New Feature - Sync Lock

    So....good or bad....brilliant or nonsensical....here's how it just FEELS to me initially. I found a game I really enjoy, so I got my husband to start playing. Then, I got my son to start playing, who, in turn, got two of his cousins to start playing. So, on the weekends, when we are all home, we have to seriously time any launches we do, or someone that might suspect multiscoping can infect us and we get punished (unless we pay?!). But known multiscopers are welcomed back. I don't think it's unreasonable to feel a little disenchanted with the game. EDIT 04/03/2014 I'm not one for big flouncy departures, but I did want the satisfaction of letting it be known that I did leave. This just didn't sit right with me. After discussing it with my family, we all decided to leave. Thank you Qonqr for a fun year.