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  1. I think having the qredit harvest rate correspond to rank would be nice. It wouldn't be a standalone advantage because one could still purchase qredits in the market, but it would make a nice incentive to continue playing and obtain achievements.
  2. Simply adding to the discussion because it's a growing concern in many areas. Unlike yourself I'm not a spineless yes man; I actually care about the game, and don't push issues only to fulfill my own agenda. Go back to your brown nosing Dings/Fury, nobody respects you.
  3. Dewman? Aren't you the old guy in Indiana who quit because he got beat out by a couple college kids? Pffft, butthurt....
  4. Illinois Faceless are the same way. I imagine it has something to do with Silver's UN group.
  5. What's in a name?

    My apologies, no it's not actually a zombie or vampire reference. It's essentially a dichotomy, the characteristics that make something "not human", both animalistic and divine.
  6. What's in a name?

    I think mine is pretty self explanatory.
  7. I need an NC-17 version...this Nick Jr. stuff ain't cutting it.
  8. stacking order ?

    Seekers are very handy as an offensive weapon (even though they're in the Defense section), and they work very well to defend against real-time attacks. If you live in an area with heavy competition then I would solidly recommended adding some seeks to your zones (1/10th was my ratio). They are wiped out easily but stop or slow the use of shockwave. Adding a few to your stacks may buy you some time when an attack comes. How you stack is going to depend on the landscape of the competition. If you're up against other local players then talk to folks who have battle experience. Either way you're going to get varying answers but your best advice will come from players who have played in an environment similar to yours. There's no real good blanket answer for many of the tactical questions. Best of luck.
  9. GPF Meet Up

    Sure,you'll just have to sit in the back.
  10. GPF Meet Up

    ....and the gods were in awe. Where: Dayton Ohio When: Early 2015 Why: Top Secret Ultra Classified Burn After Reading mission. Who: All morons and T u r ds