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  1. LIES

    There are no consequences in qonqr
  2. Switchers

    Why play as one faction when you can play all three?
  3. Stelly of Legion-He will be missed...

    I keep a box of tissues next to the bed for those times when I pontificate.
  4. Selling Souls

    The third cycle begins.
  5. I think having the qredit harvest rate correspond to rank would be nice. It wouldn't be a standalone advantage because one could still purchase qredits in the market, but it would make a nice incentive to continue playing and obtain achievements.
  6. Simply adding to the discussion because it's a growing concern in many areas. Unlike yourself I'm not a spineless yes man; I actually care about the game, and don't push issues only to fulfill my own agenda. Go back to your brown nosing Dings/Fury, nobody respects you.
  7. Dewman? Aren't you the old guy in Indiana who quit because he got beat out by a couple college kids? Pffft, butthurt....
  8. Illinois Faceless are the same way. I imagine it has something to do with Silver's UN group.
  9. What's in a name?

    My apologies, no it's not actually a zombie or vampire reference. It's essentially a dichotomy, the characteristics that make something "not human", both animalistic and divine.
  10. What's in a name?

    I think mine is pretty self explanatory.