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  1. First thoughts.

    They are not random in the order they follow around the perimeter of the ring, but they feel random random in the actual x/y position on the screen due to them rotating. For example, The position of deflect after launching shockwave is completely different than the position of deflect after launching seekers. This makes it so you have to apply significantly more focus on the screen than you would with a color coded, text button system that is always in a specific order on the screen. The normal selection system can be done reliably without looking directly at the screen. This is ideal for covert deployments or while at traffic lights etc. This isn't the biggest issue in the world. But considering this is a gps based game its probably ideal to accommodate using it while on the move. You are correct. I Also noticed the shape changes depending on the type. But I still find I'm bringing the app much closer to my face to chose an attack than I used to. Just cant make out the shape or specific icon for that type unless I do. The color idea is a good one. you could glance over and see the color and then as long as you know what order the deployments are in for that color your all set. Still not as smooth as what the app uses now, but definitely would simplify it a lot.
  2. First thoughts.

    You have made many fair and valid points. Except, of course your thoughts matter. I know the Qonqr staff actually values our input even if it doesn't end up in the game, I know they take it all into consideration. 1. Android 5.1.1, I forgot to add this in the last post. To clarify. it seems that the zooming is smooth when it works. But I find I'm using the zoom gesture multiple times just to get 1 level in or out. The +/- always works first try perfectly. 2. Solid would be a bit dark, maybe wider stripes or different color / shade combinations may help. The effect that the thin stripes has on the eyes is a bit too intense, but maybe that just me. 3.As you can see in the screen shot. The white text is hard to read even in this larger than life version when it overlaps zone icons, the water, or dense road networks. The text can still be read with slight effort, but for me its standard practice to always make sure text is easily readable. Obviously this could look nicer, but just as a example. This modified image shows text half the size in a opaque container and it is far easier to read regardless of what map data is behind it.. 4. I figured this was the case. Its minor, just pointing out the message could explain its self better. 5. My proposed fix is to have pretty much any solution where the buttons are not constantly moving around the screen. It looks super cool as it is, so to keep the theme the same I'd suggest having a selection indicator move to the button instead of having the button move to the selection indicator. Just using an element of Stargate to contrast the difference in functionality of a chevron like selection system 6. For this my thought would be to let the Blue part of Qonqr blue be changeable. and yes the idea was to allow for improved night visibility with the red, or simply a fun factor for the user. This would depend allot on how the code was setup for the theme though. 1. It definitely can be awkward to code with. Other than the weird gesture response thing, Its working great so far. 2. Yeah that makes a lot of sense and something to accommodate the sense of location is definitely required. I assume that panning west/east isn't very improved with the horizontal stripes alone which is why you have that tilled dither effect? I thought this was a graphical glitch but it makes sense. I think simply making the stripes significantly thicker would make it less intense. But playing with the colors or even trying something different like simulated lat/long lines (a grid pattern) could work also. 3. The nature of text vs aesthetics can feel like a uphill battle at times. 4. sweet 5. This would be a great. I think a lot of players would end up using the alternate version in the long run. 6. Oh so ideally this would be possible. Very cool. I think I would probably pay for 1 color pack depending on price. I would also be a cool perk to add as a incentive for some kind of subscription plan possibly.
  3. First thoughts.

    1. Zoom. Clicking the +/- has a far more reliable rate of zooming in and out than using the zoom gestures. 2. The striped water. Being coastal, this took only about 1 minute before it started to give me a headache. 3. The texts at the bottom of the map are hard or impossible to read at times. Like when over water or dense map areas in qonqr map mode, and impossible to read when over open land in google map mode. 4. There is a weird scope reset message. Not sure what this is... Not a lot of info on this when it pops up randomly. If it is random.... 5. For bot selection the chevron wheel idea is cool, but I know a few players who are going to crash trying to find a deployment (not that I condone using a phone while driving). But this puts these small icons into random locations every time you change deployments. It completely removes any use of muscle memory, and they are hard enough to identify where finding what you need requires a abnormal amount of attention. Less with practice I'm sure, but I feel it will always take more effort than the previous system. *coughs, even the ancients used a fixed location on the D.H.D.* I would suggest keeping the icon part of the wheel fixed on the screen and have the selection boxy thing rotate to the selected deployment. This would be equally cool animation wise, but prevent the icons from always being in a new location. Additional thought. It would be really cool if there was a way to let users define a custom color theme. Like a color picker in the options and the blue theme changes to use that as its base. Besides being cool, this may also be useful to people with certain visual disabilities, or just general visual comfort. TestTiomun Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6
  4. Legion Desktops

    Its been a long time since I have posted anything on these forums. I made these desktop backgrounds a while back but I don't believe I ever shared them on the forums, though its possible I just forgot. There nothing too complicated or over the top, just nice simple legion images. Hope some of you use and Enjoys them!
  5. Best Kill Ratio

    Forgot about this one while I was looking for the other one I found it.. 27,489 @ 2290%.
  6. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Updated the first post with the winning score board, and prizes awarded. Thank you all for participating, and making this a really fun event.
  7. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Last update before the contest ends! Good luck everyone and great job killing so far 30,080,963 estimated bots destroyed in this event so far.
  8. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Ok heres the estimated update for today.
  9. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Heres the progress so far. This is just a rough estimates but should be a decent representation of everyone's position.
  10. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    We now have a groupme chat setup. I will add who I can in but you may need to send me your gm contact though a message here in the forum, or get in though another contestant.
  11. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    I wasnt sure if the swarm participants were using groupme or line. We can definetly setup a groupme room for it. The offical results will be calculated by qonqr support, update will need to be manually handled. once we are closer to the start I will try to get everyone's base numbers, but accuracy will be more of a estimate.Thus the final totals coming from support to keep it accurate
  12. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    I was torn over using qst or est which is my time zone. I fiured this way the start time was reasonable for most of the US, which normally has the highest number of participants.
  13. Ypres peace

    Fun facts. (qonqr staff can confirm or prove me wrong on this.) The qonqr holiday Ypres peace is named after Ypres, Belgium. All of Ypres was a Salient battle field in WWI. A Salient battlefield is basically where 3 Waring factions converge. There never was a actual Ypres peace as far as I have found, but the concept of 3 Waring factions calling a cease fire is the basis for our qonqr holiday. Happy Holidays Qonqrers!
  14. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    No such thing as bad publicity.
  15. I added you in but everyone normally should post in http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/4387-contest-qonqr-in-the-new-year/ if they want to join the competition. I almost missed yours.