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  1. So what happens when a faction takes over?

    Quit bein a little girl and give em ****
  2. Stelly of Legion-He will be missed...

  3. CEL Music - CELume1

    CEL definitely sucks more now that we have your mom on the team.
  4. QONQR Music [get it here]

    Lol thanks for reminding me Emi.......
  5. QONQR Music [get it here]

    Its not windows phone friendly...
  6. CEL Music - CELume1

    Warning: Not for virgin Leechion ears! Let me know what y'all think.
  7. 4 decent players up for grabs!

    Weak!!!!!!! Tell em ISO!
  8. Florida Top 50 Leaderboard Stats! Now with Awards

    A good one would be top 10 large zone takedown? With before/after pics