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  1. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    I have also been frustrated by the emergence of P2W players in my area. I can't begrudge them the tactic, but it definitely makes me less interested in the game. I've spent a fair amount of time thinking about solutions and have hit on some of the same ideas. It seems likely that anything that restricts cube usage (i.e. restricts cash flow into the game) isn't going to be a real option for the dev team. So what we need are changes that provide tools to harvest-to-win players. Ideas I like: Zone nukes. If it had to be purchased with qredits and required some in-game prerequisites (like a minimum number of players), it would encourage harvesting and, more importantly, teamwork. One consideration is that the exchange mechanic does allow a player to buy in-game money. To make this work, you'd have to tweak that. Career paths. It wouldn't necessarily have to be that complex. Maybe at level 100, you have the option to unlock one of three new bots: one offensive, one defensive, one support. It would also be cool to level past 100 within a specialty, but that seems like a bigger dev project. Either way, that would also foster teamwork, as people would want to make sure they had a well-rounded team for their ops. Bot decay. Maybe a user's bots don't decay in zones where they have bases or where they actively deploy. This would create some automatic turnover, especially in more rural zones that are grabbed while people travel. Hotly contested urban zones would probably remain unchanged, but it would give players somewhere else to take a toehold I feel like there ought to be a greater point to bases beyond a simple harvesting mechanic. To that end, I like F3N's idea, and really a lot of other ideas I've heard to give more purpose to the game. But that gets beyond the scope of this discussion.