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  1. unban

    If they are faceless, ban em for good. cheating *******.
  2. Cheater

    email support, but then again cheating and faceless are synomous
  3. Does anyone have anything positive to say?

    I love the new launch code idea
  4. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    This is my last response on this issue (and I ddint mean to highjack this thread, I just meant to add to the discussion since the issues were simular - so kiss my *** if you dont like it). Anyway, I said what I needed to say on my last e-mail to support\silver, but since he decided to respond here and even try to air "skewed" dirty laundy - which how I take it as to discredit me..."allow me to retort"... at least a little. As I see it, someone is wrong here and the odds are stacked against me. even if it is silver, et al (which it is), it doesnt matter and at the end of the day there is nothing I can do about it. "he says he looked at the logs" and I am worng so "game over man, game over". However, what I can say is I sent them screenshots of these users' activity literally deploying for days on end (5 days total) - so much so that their "angel" flipped out on me and got angry for sending updates.. There were no breaks in deployments like he said there was...and even when one account did stop (days later), his alias (which were synched to him...and even linked \synched to previously banned accounts) deployed non stop and that's where I think they are getting fooled. I understand they dont have boots one the ground to see what we have seen and I tried to explain that to them, but there is one thing that they told me yesterday\last night that proved to me silver, et al are wrong here....it was they said these accounts only "collectivly spent $10" - which is utter horse ****. These same accounts melted down a 2 million + zone (including others) in less than a day. They are able to deploy support bots, abs, and NMs (up the ***) - buying inoculations and even deploying while synched. That right there told me all needed to know that they dont know what they are talking about, or are "half-assing" their investigation. But alas, what can I say or do here. Silver says I am worng, and that's that. I just wanted to say my last peace on this.
  5. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Look, my frustaion is that I am a paying customer (soon to be was) and I should expect a decent level of customer service and pro-active efforts to ban cheaters. The devs do not respond or take any action whatsoever - that is grade a horse **** and borderline immoral business ethics if I say so myself. The level of cheating going on is brazeningly obvious in my neck of the woods, it's sickening. when SEVERAL accounts deploy 24/7 (every 20 minutes) for a week straight, they laugh in our faces about how they get away with it (in msg form so thats even more proof), its safe to assume that either they are ALL on drugs and have all the time in the world to deploy or running a script. This has been pointed out to the devs for months and they JUST dont respond, not to just me (maybe I am over the top and abrasive), but they also dont respond to other "level headed" team mates who expeirce the same bull ****. I also know other poeple have these issues too outside of our state too so it just isnt with us. When the devs do respond they say "they are back logged with cheating complaints" - which tells me where there is smoke there is fire when it comes to cheating - they just dont give a ****, no matter what y'all say or think. I and a multitude of others have expiericed thsi first hand (cheaters and non response from support), so rah rah all you want, but I know we are getting played and screwed over. What agrevates me the most is I played this game straight up, honorably (outside of "qubing" - which is admitantly not always fair, but I digress) and watching my and my team mates zones get decimated by an army of MultiAccounts running scripts run by maybe 3 people while support does jack **** about it except say "they are looking at it" for weeks on end (or never), well, maybe you can see why I feel ripped off.
  6. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    No....mate, stopping all the cheating is (should be) prioity #1. I am not hard on the Devs at all. When they do not respond and allow obvious scripting accounts to go on and on for months without any response from them, I\we have every right to call them on their BS. I just now watched this dumb *** faceless cheater get sloppy with his script and his account is just deploying Deflectors because he hasnt checked that zone in a while to see we took it over (on top of that this account has been deploying for 2 straight days). Guess what these "hard working" Devs have done? Jack and ****. You say they are "wroking hard"? I dont see that at all. nothing. So you have obviously no idea what you're talking about - just cheerleading and ballwashing the devs like some pathetic groupie so check yourself out of this discussion. This game is overrun with cheaters. Add on top of that the "whale" playing from qube ragers, the gamne is going down the wrong path.
  7. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    What is curiously similar is this whole problem seems to be wide spread. Not only that, the cheating that users seem to be able to get away with too has killed the game for anyone old or new – they (silver, et al thinks the golden goose is with the cheaters\qube ragers). For instance, there is a faceless faction in Northern Colorado who has accounts that literally deploy every 20 minutes, on the hour, all day and night (even if they lock synched) – no breaks or deviation and it isn’t just one account, it’s several. They also have users who qube rage and easily have spent 10-20k on qubes in a year’s time. E-mails to support (regarding users being able to deploy nonstop for a week straight) have gone unanswered or responded with canned answers like “we have so many requests ahead of yours” (well doesn’t that obviously that mean your game is pooched and exploited badly). A “tin foil hat” theory going around is they (silver, et al) pay players in qubes to “troll attack” to manipulate the spending in this game. It’s hard to believe someone has 10-20k+ in cash to spend on a phone game, it is also hard to believe that users don’t get banned for obvious scripting (deploying for a week straight with no sleep)…and it makes people think so when support doesn’t answer requests…and that lame “synch lock” façade that doesn’t work at all (that you have to pay for when trying to figure out account combinations –it is also easily circumvented). This game is failing and when all is left is qubers and cheaters that is when the game dies and it;’s all silver, et al’s fault for not just leveling playing field a little better (this is coming for a quber myself – look at my stats – I just don’t cheat, but I have been the “bad guy” and out spent people). Also, they needed to have a heavy hand against cheaters, not apease them. Sad, this was a great game up until they allowed cheating to be ok. All they needed to do was fix the “qube class” issue, not reward it with “elite status” BS awards.
  8. Who/what is the Government?

    Question, how old are you Rebel Falcon?
  9. Who/what is the Government?

    I can only imagine what these "government" folks are like outside of their "Qonqr Kingdom". Holy cow. RebelFalcon:
  10. Faceless are emotional peabrains
  11. Stoppable Force

    Faceless are bottom feeding hoes.
  12. Qommnd site should be disabled!

    I use the **** out of it