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  1. Has Qonqr lost its luster?

    Marthos, can you translate for us?
  2. Yea, I would never actually stack that much divert, but you said there was NO counter, and I am just pointing out one possibility. That being said, I rarely use support bots, I would rather spend money on offense instead of defense. When you get flattened that just means you have nothing left to lose, wipe the sand out of your vajayjay, stop whining, go on the offensive and kick some ****.
  3. As far as long distance defense, consider using divert. A metric crapton of divert would mean any missles your buddies launch will be eaten by the attacking faction before you are hit. Albeit, stacking missles would be useless, but if you time it right, your 20 friends clearing their 20 friends would make it a lot harder for them to hit your bots.
  4. Why I quit Qonqr

    Please do not make attack to marthos as person for he many good friend.
  5. New Blog Post: Big Changes: Please Read

    Question for the devs, are we still going to get a message when a recruit hits level 10? Since there is no cube bonus anymore can we get a message anytime someone joins and puts us down as a recruit? When I recruit someone I want to be able to reach out and encourage them to stick with it, previously that was done only when we got the message about the cube reward.
  6. to help newbie what based gameing thing

    I think he is trying to say everyone should reach out to new players to keep them engaged because without the next generation of players, the game will become stale. Does that summarize it Ironstar?
  7. to help newbie what based gameing thing

    I think the last few posts make more sense
  8. Funniest Zone Names

    Sugartit and Morehead KY
  9. Sorry, I'm not into shrooms, and Columbus is a long drive for me. Maybe when you guys are ready to try on Cincinnati you can drive down here to make it more of a challenge for me.
  10. To both of you, maybe that came off more harsh than I intended. It may have been a coincidence, but I feel if covenant felt this way he would have left at their hay day and not their decline. You are right, I don't know the whole story, and nobody owes me any explanation. it is a game and everyone has their own reasons for playing - I respect your decision to switch, because if you are not happy then you would not be playing much longer. Strange, I can only point out the irony of the information that is made available - don't tell me you wouldn't jump to the same conclusion if someone else did the same thing. In any case, was not meant to be an insult, but more of a friendly jab or smack talk if you will. you are both very capable opponents and I can only look forward to meeting you on the battlefield. You know where to find me
  11. All I have to say is that was a cowardly move on your part covenant. To say Columbus legion was at a point where they were strong enough to lose another member after others had already quit and after they lost several million bots over a few days, leaving them with a handful of zones - at least say your true reason for leaving. My biggest regret in posting this is that it would give you more credit than you deserve in the actions over the last week. to Columbus faceless, I give you guys credit for putting up one heck of a fight. I think it is funny how straynge quit because of people cubing then comes back and blows a few hundred bucks even though legion was already outnumbered. In any case, it was a good fight, but its a shame we won't have any more epic battles for a while.
  12. Private First Class Plasdarn

    Must be the mask gman