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  1. Faceless Masks (profile pics)

    Holy ****, I can't believe I didn't see that before! I'm definitely gonna have to look into that EL tape, and perhaps plan a similar Halloween costumeā€¦
  2. Faceless Masks (profile pics)

    Since the Faceless faction is obviously based upon the Anonymous hacker group, I decided to make some purple Faceless-themed images of the infamous Guy Fawkes mask. Enjoy, my Faceless brethren. In case the uploads aren't working for some reason, here are some links to the images: http://i.imgur.com/Y0dPJgI.png - CGI, "logo"-style with transparent background (higher resolution, good for customization) http://i.imgur.com/ADujjtt.jpg - basic white mask http://i.imgur.com/1lgJ3Ye.jpg - more realistic mask
  3. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Nearly all of my coworkers and friends are Android users, as well as my fiance. I am a WP8 user, and although I only started playing recently, I've become very addicted and play heavily while at work. I would love to get my friends, colleagues, and especially my fiance to start playing, so I am very much looking forward to an Android release, and would be happy to help them along in the second Beta test phase too!
  4. Windows marketplace

    I didn't see it featured when I started playing, but I was just searching for strategy games, and the description sounded interesting. After tinkering for a few short minutes, I already loved it!