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  1. Oop...where'd they go?

    You don't want me in there Vi, I cause trouble wherever I go ROFLMAO!
  2. Oop...where'd they go?

    Hope you come back and visit Vi, you'll be missed! (:
  3. why can't I access fraction form

  4. why can't I access fraction form

    They were disabled last I read.
  5. Anyone miss me?

    Welcome back!
  6. For goodness sakes, people...

    Well said Jay! (:
  7. Sore Losing?

    I'm not sure how many times I have to explain this - its not a "merc" room, its "merc friendly" in addition to the others in IL, who are not in your rooms for various reasons.
  8. Sore Losing?

    Not merc or in the process at this time, thank you.
  9. Sore Losing?

    So, you think that calling me out as a spy will have no effect whatsoever on the other Faceless opinions and trust of me in that room? That's not how things work Dings...I'd suggest for future reference, that you think about things a bit more before you do them. Also consider the fact that the person you labeled, has done NOTHING to provoke the spy title and has in fact done a lot for the IL faceless community.
  10. Sore Losing?

    Your way of thinking sure has an effect on me Dings, nice to really know where I stand with the Faceless in IL.
  11. Attn: IL & Surrounding Area Faceless

    LOL - You like to argue, don't you Bev? I was attempting to be funny...those that know me, know I'm not very good at that. And yes, when you've played how long I have and are nice to people, you make friends in all factions. Also, I'm sorry Dings, I must have you confused with someone else. Also 2nd, Mass...you're a dork. Now, to get back to topic - the room is open for anyone who agrees with the original post. Please keep the rest of the negative comments to yourself. (:
  12. Attn: IL & Surrounding Area Faceless

    All rooms attract "spys," that's the nature of this game - important info should be discussed privately at first anyway, then adding the members you trust. I will totally put you on the "do not add" list Bev. And Dings, you're funny! You don't even like mercs!
  13. Attn: IL & Surrounding Area Faceless

    Thank you for the kind words Un, I appreciate it! And Rebel, I obviously do care - that's why I made the room in the first place.
  14. Hello All! Groupme room for IL and surrounding area Faceless! Those who are looking for a new place to meet and chat with your fellow Faceless, we might have just the place for you! - Just starting out or playing for years? We don’t care! - Casual/hard core free or casual/hard core quber? We don’t care! - Only play on the weekends because of work, school, family etc? Don’t care! - Love the concept of group but never talk? Don’t care! - Merc or in the process of becoming one? You guessed it! DON’T CARE! What we DO care about, is being nice to our fellow members and keeping in touch with them. For example: Are you currently a Merc or working on becoming a Merc? Come visit us when you’re Faceless, but be respectful of a Faceless group, and bow out when you flip…that’s not so hard, is it? Planning an op? Realize that not everyone will agree on or be able to participate in your targeted zone. Don’t take it personal! Don’t agree with a member about a “hot button” topic? We’re all (mostly) adults here - no reason to get cranky…call it a difference of opinion and move on. If this group sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, feel free to IGM me.
  15. hi legion where you at?

    LOL, that took me a minute SLiver.