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  1. Are Seekers Worth their Worth

    I would agree. Which is why I started this post. In my testing for both offensive and defensive attacks Seekers are not to worthy. I summarize each attack for results showing which bots were present and how much damage was dealt. I have also been attacked and in my opinion after seeing what I can do to reinforced locations containing Seekers, Their discription is a little misleading and don't seem to effective.
  2. How goes everyones recruitment?

    I agree. Great game. I have been lucky enough to recruit a few. If more know of this game more will sure to come.
  3. How to switch factions

    Finally another guy with Great Taste and Class!!!
  4. Switch Factions

    When was " the early days"? Great game now a days. Long live The Swarm!
  5. Are Seekers Worth their Worth

    Too bad I can't reach you F3NR0AR so I can see first hand how well they do work =P
  6. Are Seekers Worth their Worth

    Speaking of Seekers and Seeker4 for this matter. I understand the description however I fail to see the usefulness and benefit of having them. I have had my bases attacked (Seeker4 bots deployed there) with the enemy bots remaining there until I find that base and notice that it has been attacked and then I destroy the remaining bots. I have also attacked enemy bases (with Nano Missiles) and they cut heayily through their Seekers. And to top that I still have Nano bots remaining. "Description: Seekers are more aggressive than most defensive maneuvers. by deploying seekers in to a battle zone, you'll be leaving a dangerous swarm of defensive bots that will attack incoming enemy formations even when you are offline! " Anyone have any insight on this?
  7. Swarming in the Midwest

    I like this guy already!!
  8. Now you can buy some cubes for a friend

    Nice cool option. Thanks!
  9. Battlefield

    Yeah I hear you. AZ looks great in Green but we still have some touching up to do
  10. Ranks

    2 ^This
  11. Affects of Upgrades

    Sometimes it is difficult to note the exact effect your upgrades do have on, for example, an attack on another Groups base. I have seen the differences between what type of bots they have at that base. Sometimes they may be stocked up on attack bots and 1 nano missile can destroy 10k bots while if it has defensive bots and maybe sheilding upgrades the amount of damage has drastically declined. Granted the nano missile has slight upgrades but the measurement of damage to a closer percent is hard for me to determine. I speak from the Nano Missile aspect as I have yet to really "attack" at a closer (-25 mile) location
  12. Swarm in Arizona

    Nothing like a little pick me up to help spark the interest!!
  13. Swarm in Arizona

    Strength in Numbers Gents!
  14. How is experience calculated?

    How about leveling upto a higher rank then Private? Has there been anyone ranked higher?
  15. Is QONQR as powerful as we think it is?

    All good points! Either way I don't think my nano's would reach anywhere near there =). Would be nice if range could be increased for nano's and attack/defend bots