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  1. Yup. I'm looking at it from a devils advocate kind of perspective. Any new feature idea, any problem, it can be solved with multiscopes. Maybe this is what Silver wanted all along lol
  2. Who needs new features when you can just make more accounts? Need more fire power? Just multiscope. Its not against the rules after all.
  3. What you're thinking of Sarai, is Ingress lol.
  4. Selling Souls

  5. Faceless, Legion, or Swarm?

    Whatever it was I missed it. I'm assuming it was a big deal since it was important enough to post about.
  6. Battle with Saytin in Oz

    Not sure if insane or bot.
  7. Battle with Saytin in Oz

    This sounds like a more sophisticated bot post.
  8. Stelly of Legion-He will be missed...

    I see this as a child's cry for attention
  9. Let's talk about multiscoping.

    Everyone but you already knew, plus I dont care. Its funny that you were too dumb to realize my numbers werent going up anymore. You were supposed to pass me on the leaderboards a long time ago, its your fault that you can't do it with the help of 5 extra accounts so stop crying.
  10. Let's talk about multiscoping.

    Definitely agree with Billy. I'm near the seattle area and also see the huge multiscoping problem. anyone can see it, its any Washington zOne thats on tHe most active zone list every day. I have a really easy time locking them, ill send you A list of all the known accounts. Then just check the portal to see which accounts are launching.
  11. The SWARM must grow (in Austria)

    Recruit your friends and or reach out to other players. its possible that your username on the forum doesn't match your qonqr username. Otherwise just email support.
  12. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Along with the "either/or" youre assuming things about me, which makes an *** out of u and me. Ironic that you inquired about my negativity in a negative fashion. Looks like a troll, smells like a troll, its probably a troll. That and youre very passive-aggressive. No one likes that.
  13. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    You know as well as I do that its a mercy to tell him to not play because qonqr is an addiction. Unless you can come up with some reasons one should play qonqr instead of doing something more productive. Is it so bad to discourage someone from starting a bad habit? They allow cheating so thats already a big check in the no column. Funny how you call me a troll when half your message is full of insults. Pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.