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  1. UK Legion.

    Trying to get my head around the issue here. Why shouldn't players on the same faction help each other? Other factions do, why are Legion not allowed? Do you have an issue with GroupMe being used for communication? Also how do you know what targets are important for Legion?
  2. Break Out of Sync Lock

    Yeah we did. Contacted support and Silver said he found a bug which he has fixed. All sorted now cheers.
  3. Break Out of Sync Lock

    I can't seem to get the charts to work. Got the relevant box ticked but still not showing. Anyone else having this?
  4. Sync Lock Day 3

    Really!? Just because you wouldn't be able to resist cheating it doesn't mean that everyone else plays that way.
  5. Sync Lock Day 3

    Honestly they are not multiscoping. We have had a few players sync locked now. All family players too.
  6. Sync Lock Day 3

    I think this is better. However, I still feel 2kms is a bit big. Is that the smallest distance you can be accurate with?
  7. Atlantis!

    How about they keep Atlantis but have it reset every month as is gets destroyed by the waves again. It will give the community from all over the world chance to fight each other. Maybe restrict th euse of Support and HL bots and just slug it out with the rest. It would also give those players who don't have many opponants locally, something to fight for.
  8. "death star" zones

    Chermignac in France is now over 94 million!!
  9. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    Nevermind. It's working now.
  10. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    I can't keep the ads off option turned on. Everytime I log back in the ads ore on again? Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but still the same. Anyone else have this?