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  1. But I have to dig out my old windows phone to actually change my faction.
  2. There Comes A Point When

    You're looking for someone to demonize so you feel your actions are justified, and you realize the only place you haven't looked is the mirror. I guess at some point you just have to acknowledge the bad guy you're looking for is staring back at you. I think maybe it's time I gave this game a break.
  3. Most Active Zone List

    It wasn't working for me when I went to check where Simons was on the leader board. I emailed support about it around 5:45 and haven't heard back yet.
  4. State of Atlantis

    I don't think it should be so long either. However, the setup is rather nice in that there are zones that don't allow refreshes or recharges already and there are ones that do. Let people use refreshes. It gives the devs money, and the people that are spending hundreds of dollars will probably not do so for very many Atlantis battles. Time will tell, but we haven't given Atlantis enough battles to really start changing the rules imo.
  5. New Features

    The beacon idea sucks. I'd hate to see the devs make location spoofing pay-to-cheat like they did with multiscoping.
  6. QONQR Black

    @Kirra87: They canned the WP version until they had an equivalent iOS and Android version. Black provides too much of an advantage for only one system to have it. Apparently they now have those versions, so they have rereleased the app. ETA: Silver can confirm that if he wishes, and I can also post screenshots of the email, but I don't really want to.
  7. QONQR Black

    They were thinking about releasing Black late last year. It was supposed to be a backup scope that could be used when a release of the main app was buggy. It had the bare minimum. A zone list, no animations, etc. It was also borderline cheating to use. You could cube at least 2x faster with it than with the main app, and it you could cube practically half the day; the main app runs your battery down in like an hour. Ultimately that's why they canned it. It wasn't a backup app. It was faster, used less power, simpler, and basically way better than the regular app, but it wasn't friendly to new players and gave cubers even more of an advantage. It was active until the Atlantis update in June-now it just tells you to update the app. It lives on in the zone list code, but I must say I miss the battery life.
  8. Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview

    To anyone thinking about installing this, give yourself a lot of time. It took my phone almost two hours.
  9. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    Well if I go back to where Nick is it will resync us again. (I think) So we're still infected, but it's smart enough to know that we aren't together so we can't be multiscoping.
  10. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    @President Yes, that was the point. Hahaha
  11. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    @grem, yeah we had a good laugh about that. We're related, and I was hanging out with him all weekend. Good news is that as soon as you start launching apart from each other sync lock doesn't do anything (see the blog post about how it works) so I just went home and we kept on attacking. Cubing though? No. While I was (obviously) trolling when I created this thread, that family members who play apart and together can get synclocked on weekend visits is something I consider a major failing of synclock. You could have also reported us for multiscoping on the old report system during a weekend visit, but Gadgerson would have told you we are separate people because Gadgerson can see that I'm usually about 15 miles away from Nick. The Synclock system doesn't have that knowledge since it's only based on a day of history. Sure is fun to synclock people though, isn't it? I got Vellyvel and Screamingbabeh33 several times when Synclock was first revealed. I don't believe they are actually multiscoping though, (maybe related, but they don't act the same) so I haven't tried recently. ETA: Attached proof.
  12. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    You know how I know? Because I have plenty of enemies and none of them have apparently bothered syncing my four accounts: Mudinthewater Galactic JDH2013 Schmitty Apparently I can multiscope with no consequences
  13. New Feature - Sync Lock

    The biggest problem with this is that we have to do it every single day. It will become a chore quickly, I suspect. On the other hand I highly enjoyed infecting some faceless multiscopers with 'family' this morning.
  14. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in Cali.

    Joke's on you: I don't play the game anymore. I just launch occasionally to keep the local swarm busy.
  15. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in Cali.

    Most people assume my name means **** in the toilet; I'd MUCH prefer stick in the mud O.o