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  1. Ok, none of those accounts are me. Soooooo whats your point?
  2. The best Legion and Swarm players

    I think its about what you share with your fellows about game play. Not faction. Swarm have built a fun community. Win or lose we have fun.
  3. I was talking about Atlantis. I didn't even play the last several. And i never said i don't use more than one account. Hel l im probably one of the only people that are honest about it. So i just put water on ur burn.
  4. And no multis or cubing to speak of. Crazy right. Swarm is got cupcakes also
  5. The best Legion and Swarm players

    Lol, oh earit. . . . . So who had fun at Carolina rebellion and saw some awesome music?!GivingOtherStatesGreen
  6. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    In Ops we call them Face and legs. I've seen legion been talked about as the teachers pets (silver's not silver) and all the east coast band wagons. Lol can't take the heat
  7. Getting ready to waste my time!

    You always have a choice
  8. April Fools?

    He he i was Freaking out at first i thought old players had activated.
  9. Carolina Rebellion Meet up

    Dun dun dun!
  10. Carolina Rebellion Meet up

    QONQR meet up at the concert! I got a few swarm going lets make it bigger. Lets get all the local QONQR players there. Its at the Charlotte NC motor speedway. May 2nd through the 3rd. Bunch of great rock bands. I tried to post a banner for it but it was to large and resizing it on my phone isn't working. So here is the website carolinarebellion.com
  11. Best Kill Ratio

    Best i have screen shot of
  12. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Hey, sounds fun. Sign me up. I'll put $9.99 on the prize pool also.
  13. What's in a name?

    Well mine was some dumb high school thing my brother, random misfits, and I did after watching **** like clockwork orange, alice in wonderland and being forced to read the King James version bible until teenage years. We wore stupid hats, and gothed out. My brother is gone now, so is fond memories of teenage stupidity.
  14. qonqr alliance manager

    My only alliance is with the essence of QONQR. We Commune daily as I drink the ritual liquid(Colloidal Silver) and chant the electronic sounds of the all knowing.
  15. Big, Huge, Crazy news

    It may not be official but i haven't seen faceless and legion fight in my area for a long time. It doesn't matter really. My first comment was just funny to me.