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  1. Sync Lock Blog Post and Video of how it works.

    Yes, the comment floored me given how vigilant you were with everything. Definitely sarcasm, you guys are doing an awesome job.
  2. New Legion color

    Mabryer clearly suffers from multiple personality disorder.
  3. What's Your Strategy?

    Personally, I play with the rest of Illinois Faceless, try to build my area and attack things not purple. Large ops are the most fun (Cedar Lawn was a blast). I also keep my head down and don't taunt/ridicule/etc. other factions. Interacting with fellow Faceless is where the fun is for me.
  4. Sync Lock Blog Post and Video of how it works.

    Yeah! It would have been nice if Silver would post blogs about Sync Lock! ****, why not join GroupMe rooms to personally address this new feature and get feedback. It would be even better if he would take the time to make changes based on that feedback. Way to drop the ball devs...
  5. Sync Lock Day 3

    I think this change is in the right direction. Still not perfect, but better than the initial implementation. This has no affect on me so I really don't care much either way and so far I've only seen couples hit with it (at least in my faction, can't speak for Legion or Swarm).
  6. New Feature - Sync Lock

    This will only affect you if you and another player are withing 2 KM (which seems pretty far IMO) of each other physically, you're fine.
  7. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    As someone who has participated in pretty much every tower construction, I can say I did not spend a dime on cubes. I harvest regularly and don't spend qredits unless I absolutely have to. Have I bought cubes? Yep. I've spent maybe $60 on this game and that was when I was getting hammered 5 to 1 by legion and swarm (used cubes for scope upgrades since 90% of my bases were red or green).
  8. "death star" zones

    Last I heard there was a little area called Effingham in Southern IL that had 43M...