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  1. Hello world!

    Hello, my name is seichan. I just started Thursday night (July 11).... Can't wait to reach level 100! I'm hoping to make friends here in So Cal...I love playing this game! I got my boyfriend hooked on it the very next day, and we're both swarms that defend QONQR! By the way, thanks for the warm welcome, Supertrampoline....
  2. Bye everyone! Maybe I'll be back when the gap between paying vs non paying players are not so ridiculous.

  3. New Swarm in No. NV

    Welcome to the Swarm! Glad to have you in the best faction ever! Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck in Nevada! Go swarms!
  4. I QONQR'd Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    touche.... Btw, how do you make a tetrahedron 'roll'?
  5. That happened to me too! A few days ago, when I was asking a question.....
  6. New Player in East TN

    Aww, welcome to Swarm! Sorry, I'm along the other coast of US, so I can't really help... But I wish you luck! Let me know if you have any questions! GO SWARMS!!
  7. Totally agree with you! I saw ~60 people online sometime yesterday...the most I've seen so far...
  8. What's going on with the server?! :'(

  9. Totally agree with this...you can't help but be frustrated when your opponent is capturing your zones and you can't do **** about it....It's something you can't control...
  10. I QONQR'd Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    It's a special kind of tank, so I'm guessing he used spheres instead of cubes....hey, that's cheating!!
  11. Hi there....

    Whoa, I never would have guessed you're faceless...welcome to qonqr! Enjoy the game
  12. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Aww, let me greet you a belated happy birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    I think Gadgerson jinxed it, because we have actually have a minor server issue today... (Don't get mad, just noticing something coincidental)... EDIT: Looks like it's all fixed..
  14. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Aww, Happy Happy Birthday Silver! Long live Silver! Long live QONQR! And I have no idea what super wrote....
  15. I quit.

    He did quit, for one day. That's still quitting. No one said quitting means forever. You can quit on something and come back to do it again. It's annoying how quitting has to mean forever.
  16. I quit.

    And I wish you were swarm, desh.
  17. I quit.

    No one would dare argue that this game CAN take a lot of your time, am I wrong? I didn't say it should, but if it does, then that's no one's fault. So many people get addicted to different games, and everyone has at least one game they're addicted to. Sometimes it's hard not to get addicted, especially to such a great game like this...at some point, you do get stressed, and admitting that is NOT a weakness...
  18. Milestones

    Finally made it to sergeant! After about a month of playing!!! Go swarms!
  19. That's going to be my word of the day: Mass-ew-nay.... Now I'm relaxed...time to destroy more faceless bots....
  20. Faceless Poster

    Good luck! I'll be waiting for the legion one!
  21. I quit.

    You're right slip.. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like super tried quitting twice before....but didn't work out... As Rocco said, he's a trampoline. What do you expect?
  22. I quit.

    I won't explain as I don't have super's permission, but it's not about "game flaws".
  23. Faceless Poster

    No, keep them that way....I'm liking this "swarm vibe".....
  24. I want some chocolate.....

  25. Faceless Poster

    Prometheus' eyes and mouth are green...maybe he's really a swarm in disguise...