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  1. Creating bases

    OH!!! I see. Well no one else can see your bases. Is this a problem Cane? We have always stored the exact location of your base in the database, but until now we never showed them on the map, just listed them in a list by zone name. Some day in the very distant future, there may be a feature that makes the exact location of your base relevant (but never public unless you explicitly allow the base to be seen by other players). We have some ideas about how we could make bases more interesting in Version 3.0, but nothing solid. If that ever happens, you'll probably want to move your bases down the block from your home or work before you made them public. BUT AGAIN, it will be a very long time before we would allow you to make your base location public, if we ever do at all.
  2. Scope aggressively wants to reset

    Awesome, appreciate the response. So far the response to Scope Reset (once the reasons are understood) has been "Positive" to "Neutral -1".
  3. This one is a bit tricky due to the way we store dispatches. I agree we should do it, but this will have to be a feature added later.
  4. I believe QONQR Classic on Android had no expiration of of a GPS location. In theory, you could be running off a location from hours/days ago. Too many Android users on QONQR Classic get flagged for location spoofing and are put into 24 hour maximum overheat because they deploy in their old location, then travel (airplane) deploy in new city with old location, then get a GPS fix and deploy in new city. This looks like you instantaneously traveled hundreds of miles. Now a GPS will not be considered valid if the last location was more than 15-30 minutes old. We will see how this morning's update goes. Not sure if this will make things better or worse. By default QONQR uses "coarse" location preferences, which should help with battery life. Coarse should allow you to get your location based on the network. If you are connected to a network or cell tower, I think you should be able to get your location using coarse. Location services in Android is a very tough thing to get right. The API is messy. I added alot of code to this and hopefully it makes things better. Additionally, there is now an option to use "High Accuracy" location under settings. This will drain your battery, but in rural areas where you may only have 1 cell tower in the area, your location could be off by many miles if you don't turn on the GPS antenna (this new setting).
  5. This is a performance issue with Xamarin + Android. Performance is good on iOS and WP. We probably can't fix this but will investigate.
  6. We have looked into estimating a font size based on width. It is on our todo list.
  7. I'll look into this. I'm not sure the Google Maps control has a background color we can set.
  8. Blue crashes on re-launch

    App resume is a tricky one. We have crash reporting that is helping to pinpoint these. Android was never made to handle suspend/resume. Developers have always had to hack their way around it. We want GPS to turn off when you suspend the app, and a few other things we want to stop and restart to save battery life. Something in that code must be breaking. I think we can find it from the crash reports.
  9. This is an ongoing issue with the draw events. We may need to handle the way we do popups differently.
  10. On Zone search

    I've added a bug to try and get Android to behave properly
  11. Oh, you are correct. And it shows a QR code. I forgot about that. We will probably add that at some point.
  12. Believe it or not, programmatic access to the clipboard is not allowed on Windows 8.1. So stupid. We try not to build features that don't work on all phones. BUT... I do have plans to allow you to "link" a zone in chat. Right now I think what ever zone is the preview zone (highlighted blue on map, show display in lower left) we will have an option to link to [Zone] when you compose a chat message, then insert the high lighted zone id to the chat dialog with a tap. In chat you would be able to hashtag a zoneid #2349352 and all users would see it as a link to jump to that zone. If you don't want to use the built in chat, you could copy out the zoneid from the entry box, and then paste into GroupMe. It is a hassle if your goal is to use GroupMe, but it is my plan for now.