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  1. QONQR black

    QONQR black is now available for Windows Phone. Android and iPhone should hopefully complete development in the next week or two. http://blog.qonqr.com/post/93507594207/qonqr-black At the moment we see that all our WP7 devices receive a download error when trying to get the app from the store, but the app has worked for all our WP8 devices. Download issues are not uncommon, but if it doesn't auto-resolve soon, we will contact Microsoft.
  2. QONQR Music [get it here]

    We have had several requests to obtain the original QONQR theme music. Previously we had not let this out, but GungHo and I talked this morning and decided we would publish the original file for our fans to use. We anticipate players will want the music mostly for ring tones, or to incorporate in their own QONQR related movies and animations. A couple of our players have inquired about getting the music for YouTube videos. We fully support our players creating viral videos of their QONQR activities, recruitment campaigns, or "battle correspondent" reports. However we request that all such videos reflect positively on QONQR's brand. If you want to use the QONQR music in those videos, keep it family friendly. Here are the legal terms of use for the music which I just made up. My attorney may want me to modify them later. QONQR hereby grants limited usage rights to the QONQR theme music. These terms of use may be modified at anytime, without notice. QONQR reserves the right to revoke usages rights to any person, company, or application at any time. QONQR retains full ownership and copyright to the music. QONQR theme music may only be used in original media productions created to positively promote QONQR. Pure audio productions (such as ring tones) must include "QONQR" in the media/file name. Film, animation, games, and other visual media productions that incorporate the QONQR theme music, must include a link to "www.QONQR.com" in the credits. QONQR theme music may not be used in any product or service that is not free to the public. QONQR requests that any public usage of the QONQR theme music be posted on this thread. QONQR_Theme.mp3
  3. I've had some very angry emails today from a couple users who are upset their rival achieved the ability to switch factions freely having played for one of the factions for only 1 hour. I've been accused of doing favors, changing the rules, and various other backhanded deals. It appears it comes down reading the rules. You do not have to play for every faction for 60 days in order to earn free switching status. Here is a common scenario many players have used to achieve free switching status and avoiding playing for one faction they despise. 1. Start with Swarm 2. Switch to Legion (earn Spy) play for 60 days 3. Switch back to Swarm (earn Double Agent) play for 60 days 4. Switch to Faceless (earn Mercenary) immediately switch back to Swarm or Legion Below is the complete text on the switch nanobots screen. It is the same text that has been there from Day 1 with the exception of the level 100 rules that went into place earlier this year, where you could switch as much as you want before level 100 , but those switches don't count towards the medals. This text has been part of this description since Jan 15, 2013. "Players that earn all three spy awards, may once again switch factions at any time as they could during the training levels 1 through 99." Prior to Jan 15, the text said this. "Players that earn all three awards may be given the opportunity to switch factions more quickly in future updates (contact support for more information)" I pulled that right out of source control, which includes the entire change history. Here is the complete text from this page. http://portal.qonqr....r/SwitchFaction WARNING: Defection has consequences! Self-destruct will be initiated on all your nanobots. Without the self-destruct, you would be required to battle against your former self to regain control of your zones. You will lose the capture and leadership of any zones you currently hold. Lifetime captures will be unaffected. If you are still completing the training levels and have not reached Level 100, you may switch as often as you like to find the faction that suits you best. Once you have reached Level 100 switching factions has rewards, but also has additional consequences beyond the self-destruct of all your nanobots. Defection will usually result in a demotion in rank. This is accomplished through awards with negative rank points. Those awards are: Spy - First switch to an opposing faction (-20 points) Double Agent - Return to a faction from which you had previously defected (-20 points) Mercenary - Become a member of all three factions (-20 points) Other Faction Change Details: You may not switch factions again until at least 60 days have passed since your last faction switch. Defection point penalties are applied only once per award Players that earn all three spy awards, may once again switch factions at any time as they could during the training levels 1 through 99. The decision to switch factions is one that must be made with strong determination. Nanobots cannot be reanimated once destroyed. You will retain your earned experience, level, formations, qredits, cubes, and upgrades. However, as far as your zones go, you will be starting over.
  4. Skybolt, I'm not sure I understood this. Can you expand a bit further. In the new dispatches model, you get a congrats dispatch when you level up. It would be nice if tapping that dispatch brought up the glory page again so you could screen shot it. A future feature.
  5. Load screen modification

    The initializing screen could use some work. The biggest issue is that Android freezes the UI thread as it is drawing other pages (getting ready to render the map, menu, etc) so a progress bar in our initial design looked bad because it started to draw, then froze. The rotating hexagon seemed to cause less panic when it stopped spinning.
  6. First thoughts.

    1. the google map control isn't super awesome 2. this was to facilitate searching for Atlantis. Adding texture to the water helped know you were panning, but we will keep looking for alternatives 3. We have worked on this text quite a bit, still not perfect 4. Blog post coming today 5. I've toyed with the option of having an alternate launch display that you could select from settings. Let cool, and more static for the hard core. 6. QONQR Blue was designed with the goal of having color theme packs (skins) players could buy to customize their scope. It may never happen, certainly not soon, but that was one of our design goals.
  7. Can't view version number

    I've seen this before. I have no idea why this layout is doing this. So strange
  8. yes the public rooms have different behavior. There are no room topics or membership to manage. You also can't post pictures (right now only works on web) in public rooms. We could do a better job of making the difference more obvious by adding a "public room" "private room" header.
  9. Player name wraps to the next line

    Long names are going to be an issue, especially on Android where phones like to change pixels to font sizes. We have a goal of dynamically adjusting font size to get to an estimated width.
  10. We have leader and capture to be added to the launch wheel on the bug list (feature). We may also make it so tapping the zone information in the lower left/right may also jump right to leaderboard. That is harder to do since it skips a page in the current navigation (launch wheel), but could be an option.
  11. Launch Verification Issues

    1. Hit Launch 2. Server returns Launch Verification prompt (no bots launched yet) 3. Enter code and hit verify (previously request launch is now launched) Does this explain what you see? We will test to make sure the ui is updated correctly after LV.
  12. Thanks, I've made note of all of these. We will be sure to test the full scope upgrade path internally where it is easier to manipulate the database
  13. Unrooted device refuses install

    We do keep a history of rooted devices. Once root detection is made it is logged.
  14. Leveling up popup screen

    That is only supposed to happen if we somehow got into a state where there was a popup with no children. It is safety code that should never fire. We'll double check to see if this is still a problem. Hopefully it is already fixed in the code that hasn't be released yet.
  15. Global chat causes crash

    Android has a serious bug with image display. The work around to get images to work is a heavy one. We are working on the issue.
  16. Device Lock

    This is an anti multi-scoping check, and there is no timeout. If you sell your device or give it to one of your children you will need to contact support to unlock the device.
  17. Unrooted device refuses install

    Do you have Mock Locations turned on? Has the device been rooted in the past?
  18. There is a good chance this is fixed in the next update I plan to push today.
  19. There are lots of issues with font height on Android. Can you please verify you are running the most current version.
  20. Zones do not show up until refresh

    Sigh, ok. Looks like the flag that the zones should now be visible is being ignored, or somehow being set out of order. We have never seen this on our test devices.
  21. We are going to add a refresh button to these pages if the request failed. We now suspect that perhaps the Android network adapter isn't ready. We had to put in a "retry" on the login/sync when the app loads. We don't know why, but it seems that if you try to access the network, the first attempt fails. Perhaps this is what we see on the registration and need to add a retry so the first request failure is handled.
  22. My screen does this. It zooms out to the extents. Can you guys post screen shots? I have bases in Seattle and Boston. It always shows them all every time I have tested.
  23. yes, that is our current plan. Unfortunately the UI has to render first, to get the width of the box in must fit inside, so the UI might be a bit "jerky" when rendered, but that is our plan right now.