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  1. New iPhone Release

    Or a copy coords alongside. So you can copy coordinates and share with friends who can paste it into the GoTo field and be immediately taken there.
  2. Graphics Packs

    Good stuff Jadem. Thanks for these
  3. Qonqr on iOS 7!

    iOS 7 Beta 4: no new issues.
  4. Performance Improvements

    Very well done Silver.
  5. Silver interviewed on Channel 9

    That was outstanding. I'm very excited for QONQR LLC. and where it's going. All of the hard work and devotion you've invested in this game is going to continue to pay off. Thank you for pushing through the odds and creating this engaging, yet uniquely familiar, game that we all play and love. Huzzah!
  6. Post your total kills

    I was about to post mine, but it turns out McPwn already did. 29.8 Mil.
  7. Major Achievements Update

    I have, two days ago.
  8. Yes it is possible to respect your opponents when they outnumber you. But it is completely dependent upon how they carry themselves. Example: for quite some time I was heavily outnumbered by local opposition, but communications with the has mostly been even tempered in both directions. I respect my opponents, because working against them has been very revealing in their strategies as well as how to improve my own strategies.
  9. GPS issues for AT&T

    More like the 1500 mile range to the zone and that it was listed as his current zone.
  10. Manik / Faceless / Georgia

    The forums and in game communication is it for coop. This will likely be enhanced in the future.
  11. Signatures

    At present there isno public API for user creations. Not yet at least it's on the list of enhancements.
  12. Eastern Standard Swarm Message

    How many times do I have to tell you. Don't feed the Trolls.It makes them bloated.
  13. Help QONQR win a TV commercial!!!

    I really think they should have categorized these correctly so that Games were running against other Games, and App Tools vs App Tools. Not Games vs App Tools.
  14. Help QONQR win a TV commercial!!!

    Currently Voice Translator is winning. Not a surprise too, I almost voted for it until I realized the competition was against QONQR. Then I voted for QONQR naturally.
  15. Server Update 2-27-2013

    actually the lower bot count on Zone Assault makes sense from a rock / paper / scissors aspect.ZA's increased shields make them effective against seekers. Seekers are highly effective against Shockwave. And Shockwave is effective against deflections and everything else. Basically ZA has become a situational attack for attacking Seekers.