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  1. To be fair, I am honestly impressed by the show of force that the East Coast Legion was able to project into the Lehigh Valley. It does prove the argument you all preach about organization. It also proves that you rely heavily in psychological warfare. Such a tactic is quite effective on enemies that are easily forced to feel like they have no other way out of their predicament. Unfortunately the Jedi Mind Tricks are better practiced somewhere else that isn't the ABE. It might have been considered a success in the eye of many reds, and sure.. to a certain extent, temporarily. However, I also saw this as something that proved to me just how big of a deal the rise of the Faceless offensive in the area is to the Legion. We've created one more battlefront which has served to divide the local forces. NJ Legion now find themselves under pressure from Faceless from both sides, and Lehigh Valley Legion just ended up having way too many people eating away at their zones and their borders. Before, they could outnumber resistance over all fronts and individually pick them off. Not so much anymore. It shows how strategically critical the area is, and how much the Legion was willing to go to try and pull a Shock and Awe to measure the response. It's not the first time you've done this. You only have to read thorough the threads here to figure that much. So yeah, this whole event just made me realize how much of a big deal we are. Also, Cjrank, I am afraid that I have to turn down your warm and friendly invitation to defect to the Legion. It hasn't been the first time someone has tried to persuade me into the Legion and I can just go ahead and publicly state my reason to decline: I am Loyal to a defect. I am very patient. And I'll first quit playing due to lack of interest before joining the wonderful, organized brotherhood that is the Legion. Happy hunting to you all.
  2. I can remain silent no longer...

    I've held pacts with several swarm, as we have bigger enemy in common. If we can come to terms and agree to such a large-scale cooperation treaty, we'll achieve dominance shortly.
  3. Bullies

    We (mainly you guys) made him ragequit.
  4. Bullies

    It's a freaking party in the NE, LOL.
  5. War on a United Front?

    I feel obligated to correct you both, as slipstream clearly intended to type Faceless.
  6. April Fools

    Every player is relocated to a random zone in North Korea.
  7. Android Beta in April (maybe)

    LOL that's right, I guess I just had a brain fart on that one, plus I've been fortunate that all my bases have always been purple from the first day.
  8. Server Update 2-27-2013

    I have noticed the substantial improvement on performance on WP, much less issues with having to relog everytime my phone screen shuts down and harvesting is MUCH faster. Great job Silver!
  9. Android Beta in April (maybe)

    4200 qredits with half your bases under control from other factions? HAX! Anyways, glad to see this is happening.. it will surely bring a sizeable amount of new players to the game.
  10. Hey fix your effin game

    Same here, around midnight had problems logging in and keeping a connection to the game. I think it was the same issue for everybody from everybody's posts, so don't worry, you weren't at a disadvantage.
  11. Recruiting Contest Winner

    Just saw this, and wow... we were so close to win this, just two numbers away! aww well congrats to the winner!
  12. GPS issues for AT&T

    I got sent almost a hundred miles away north the other day to upstate NY myself. That was the only occurrence and only lasted for about five minutes though.
  13. Swarming in Clearwater, FL

    Welcome, and keep him busy for us, will you?
  14. Hello. I see Jacksonville, FL is looking kinda green lately, you'd probably have fun making someone a Sad Panda. (Pun most intended)