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  1. Ah! Didn't know that's how it worked.
  2. Formations

    I've noticed the same thing Xero. I also noticed that I have been burning through an enemy's Absorbers at a slightly higher rate than their Deflection bots when I use Shockwave, which surprises me considering the higher shield rating of Absorbers. Now, given the description of Seekers, my impression is that they do attack through friendly Deflection bots, which must mean that leftover attack formations aren't actually fighting back until they start getting hit after the Deflection bots are gone. But GungHo describes it as if Seekers get the first strike. And if that's the case, how am I able to get through someone's Seekers at all? It seems like my attack formations should be wiped out before I actually get to the Deflection bots. I don't have many active enemies here, so my tests have been limited.
  3. QONQR Wiki Created

    Nice, just the other day I was pondering a Qonqr wiki... I'll see what I can contribute.
  4. OnyxShard // Washington // United States

    Faction is meaningless if bickering drives people away from the game. All points have been made, let it die.
  5. It also doesn't look like it's linked to their FB account, which couldn't hurt. More "likes" will help spread the word.
  6. How did you hear about QONQR?

    Kickstarter as well. Here's a site for the OCD among us to check how the project is progressing: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/qonqr/qonqr-world-domination-command-center-game-expansi/
  7. Custom Faction Logo's for T-Shirts

    Yeah, one of the most important things for faction identity will be color -- I'd love to see a stronger purple in Faceless 2 and much more green in Swarm 2. Legion 2 nails it perfectly. Not entirely sure how I feel about the dangling wires in Swarm 2.
  8. Howdy, I'm Tusk, and I'm here to paint the town red!