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  1. Just go swarm and stop delaying the inevitable. No but for real we got some real good folks and can always use more
  2. Par for the course Osage/Que. If nothing else at least they're predictable.
  3. Why is your faction better?

    Besides,you can squish a grape it tomato with a fair amount of ease. It takes effort to squash a watermelon!
  4. Why is your faction better?

    Swarm is the best because the word swarm" is so versatile. We swarm the legion and faceless. We are swarm that come together for swarmings, and our scopes are the swarmiest.
  5. Greetings from Texas

    Texas here too. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon
  6. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    I personally could care less what others do with their scopes. I've encountered a few nefarious and unscrupulous operatives but find the bulk to be decent hearted individuals. For those few willing to give up a part of themselves to gain a slight advantage I say "you will get your come-up-ins."
  7. Posters

    Very very cool
  8. That Awkward Moment When...

    You were too busy qonqring and realize you just agreed to something but don't, for the life of you, remember what it was.
  9. Factions and Leaders

    Hmm... Did you know if you rearrange the letters in "Prometheus" they can spell "Sheep tumor"? Coincidence? Or just another piece of the puzzle? hahaha... I literally wept because I was laughing so hard! Maybe it's an anagram for "use the prom" which is fine but what would faceless use the prom for? I guess to recruit impressionable teens with bad acne like them so they could wear masks to cover it up as well. the mop user? more the pus? uh, romp set? IDK you decide
  10. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    "Ps I find your use of smiley faces a bit pretentious..." LOL... and BTW... This game must increase testosterone and endorphins. People crack me up!8
  11. I quit.

    Dang... Don't quit! retaliate! I don't even know what faction you are. Go get some!
  12. Performance Improvements

    It's not as fun without being attacked though. Nice job on leader board silver and team.
  13. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    My users would have to be second group, but I have a few
  14. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    I just wanna see more operatives. Although I mostly wish for more swarm. I can't wait until Android beta is complete. Any of you tweet check out how I got recruiter link pasted as URL on home page (NeopolitanMike)... Feel free to do the same. It goes straight to sign up and recruiter name is locked in.