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  1. wp8 v1.8 meh

    Obvious troll is trolling, obvisouly to troll the obvious?
  2. Nano Missiles

    I agree. I think the two things I suggested would help balance the field. Or you could implement something defensively to help contain the explosion. Something like an absorber but specifically designed for explosions. Or perhaps a secondary absorber purchase that forcibly contains the blast. Like a "blast shield", that could be upgraded in the same respect as the missile. It would "absorb" any missile blast (to its capabilities) from all surrounding areas. So if a nano missile landed in an absorbers radius it would effectively nullify the blast by "pulling" the blast to it. This could also lead to a reason for attack bots in an area. The blast could be a secondary release if bots in the area. The absorber would force them into the zone it was deployed. Attack bots would then be needed to remove those bots. When I get a chance I will draw out all of my ideas and balancing suggestions. I am currently on my phone, so this is going to take to long to post. I will put it up tomorrow/today.
  3. Nano Missiles

    It is a "missile" so shouldn't it have an explosive radius? This would lead in more upgrades and make nano missiles extremely valuable for assaults on clusters. I realize this would be hard to defend, so as a solution nano missiles would cost more per upgraded explosion radius. Instead of 1000 credits make each upgrade tack on a certain amount of credits based on explosion radius. If that's not enough... Perhaps have the upgrades affect range as well? Thoughts?
  4. wp8 v1.8 meh

    How can you possibly know what they are trying to accomplish? If you feel this is inadequate then by all means make your own game, on your own time, on your own funding. We will see how far you get. Until then keep your arrogant remarks in your bloated head, along with your ego. There is no place for it here. I'll listen to you when you are a dev working for them. And have adequet information pertaining to their business ethics and practices.
  5. Indeed welcome to the winning team! If you are ever in the pittsburgh area let me know! We can crush some enemies together.
  6. Affects of Upgrades

  7. Affects of Upgrades

    I'm level 35 and I def don't have it. I have a dpf core and I've tried to use them and if just prompts me and says I need an ion cannon.
  8. Affects of Upgrades

    I have bought a dpf core but I canning buy the scope upgrade. It's not available.
  9. wp8 v1.8 meh

    I have a software engineering degree and by no means do I constantly post on the poor "this" or the poor "that". I've trolled the site sufficiently enough to see you throw around knowledge of elements/ mechanics of this game. Yet as onyx just stated you failed to even remotely reply to any of silvers questions. I could and wish to be wrong, but you griping about everything with a minimal knowledge of anything discussed. Also, if the games source was open the changes implied by the handful of users with coding expierence (assuming) would create a monstrosity of a game you would only understand from one viewpoint. The objectivity of creating a fun free to play game and have members graduate to life long paying members is a societal dilemma that changed with the game and the games core users. This being said of are you supposed to implement something based off of a standard that is going to fluctuate per person and region. Especially with a geo social game. A person in Tokyo is going to have a very different opinion that one in Steubenville Ohio, same as compared to one I'm Baghdad and another in Sweden. If you ask me it is nay impossible to implement every feature and idea if the game encompasses the thoughts and ideas of ( so far 3% ) of the world. The people coding and developing this game (a handful - 6 if not to be mistaken) have done a brilliant job in maintaining growth and maturity of this game. You can't expect to rule the world over night. Nor can one persons ideas make a game suited for everyone. Typed on my phone... Lots more to rant about /rant
  10. free cubes!

    It seems I'm ok now as well. But I forced the application closed and reopened. Still nothing. It randomly came back today a few minutes ago.
  11. Is QONQR as powerful as we think it is?

    Perhaps that is the area bots are coming from... Slowly manipulating and observing the human race watching us destroy ourselves and in turn make them stronger by spreading them. We are weaving our own doom and qonqer is masking itself (and its true intentions).
  12. QONQR Covers the World

    I was looking around the world and some surprising areas aren't really affected. For example Japan is sparse with many locations not covered and the ones that are seem to have a thousand max. That just seems very odd and gives me more of a reason to visit! 3% of the world is a great milestone I can't wait till we get higher up! P.S. love the fact that you post stuff like this.
  13. free cubes!

    Kinda off topic, but not really. The advertisement deal has been implemented but for whatever reason I can't "earn" cubes anymore. There is no option for it. I've restarted the app and whatnot and still nothing. Is there a limit?
  14. Version 1.5.1 for the iPhone now available

    Nice I just noticed that. Now there is a reason for the slower and slower deploy rate. Now we need scope upgrades to reduce the effect!
  15. Affects of Upgrades

    Ok. Thanks for clearing that up. What about the ion cannon? When does that become available? I would like to use it but I have never been able to purchase the upgrade for my phone.