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  1. Battle Engine Rewrite is Complete

    I also like the new scope design on iOS. Great update overall.
  2. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    I'm interested in testing the beta Android version. Devices: Xperia Z Ultra Xperia Z Xperia Tablet Z Xperia T All running Jelly Bean. Thanks!
  3. Android Beta in April (maybe)

    Fantastic news!
  4. weakened misssile attacks

    You are getting only 800 or less bots killed because the defenses of the target zone are probably quite strong and well deployed, with seekers, absorbers, 40000 strengthen bots and enough hardened lattice. I think the game is fun the way it is right now.
  5. Cheaters

    I have already contacted Scott. He's looking into this. I posted it here because this kind of behaviour is most probably happening in other countries /regions as well. We should keep our eyes open.
  6. Cheaters

    Recently many fake accounts have been created in my area. All of them are abandoned as soon as they reach level 10. In other words, people are creating accounts only to get free cubes and rank points through referrals. I think this is worrying. There should be some kind of control, any cheaters should be banned straight away. A few online games, like Cyber Nations for example, have successfully implemented strict controls (based on too many players on the same IP for example). I believe the moderators here at QONQR need to start working on a plan to stop this behaviour as soon as possible. Any players referred through such accounts must be banned on the spot. The following accounts are all fake (abandoned after reaching level 10): Randomforcubes Randomforcubes2 Random4cubes4u Random4cubes4u2 Doesntgetmoreradom4qubes Kalten Anex Melaidhrin Berelain Belerain I have already spent some money buying cubes, but I won't support a game which does stop obvious cheaters from ruining the fun for everyone. It's time to get serious.
  7. What's the deal?

    I agree, attack is the best defense. If you counter-attack every time your enemy destroys one of your zones, he will eventually stop to rebuild.
  8. windows phone v iPhone

    Great news. Scott, as I mentioned, I can test the Android app on a variety of screen sizes. I have all latest Xperia mobiles, plus Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Just shout when needed!
  9. The fun of drawing boundaries

    The armistice line between me and my closest Faceless operative is the Ă–resund strait, which separates Denmark from Sweden. We have been in peace for quite some time.
  10. How does he know where i am?

    I play QONQR on iOS, I'm not sure if there is a way to do that using the command center on Windows phone. Anyway, a player's main base (zone) is usually the one with the highest number of deployed nanobots or with the most frequent deployment rate. After checking a player's area for a few minutes it's relatively easy to spot his headquarters, especially because the place is usually centrally located (if you take in consideration all of his surrounding zones).
  11. All scope upgrades!

    There are 4 energy tank levels. The last upgrade requires 100000 Qredits or 6 cubes.
  12. All scope upgrades!

    If you buy enough cubes you can reach 100% in a few minutes.
  13. QONQR Trademark

    Great news. The QONQR logo is fantastic by the way.
  14. Performance issues on Jan 1

    I noticed the issue yesterday. It seems to be back to normal now. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. How Many Zones Captured Do You Have?

    1363 zones captured 1055 zone leads I have captured zones in more than 12 different countries, including Brazil, Paraguay, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark and Finland.