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  1. Bot Booster and Seekers

    Does anyone know if Bot Booster has an effect on Seekers and how much dmg they do to attacking players? Also on the topic of seekers, does the amount of skeers in a battlefield have any effect on how much damage they do?
  2. cogstar//Minneapolis//Minnesota

    Welcome to the swarm
  3. Divert

    Had a questions on the Divert Formation. Does the amount of nanobots you have to this formation have an overall effect on the threat of your army, or is it more "having just one nanobot to this formation gives you max benefit? Also does anyone how much threat is removed with this formation?
  4. Greetings to other Twin Cities Swarm

    welcome. Yea this area is a battleground. Nice to see other swarms. On the side of the cities, it was under control from the faceless for a while, after spending a week non stop, I was able to take control of Minneapolis. Now the tough part is keeping it....
  5. Formations

    does the amount of Seekers you have effect how much dmg they do? Example: I have a battleground with 10,000 deflections. will have 10,000 seekers have a different effect that having 5,000 seekers at the same location?