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  1. iOS 8

    I'm not opposed to Windows Phone... I'd get it before I'd get an Android but my whole ecosystem is OSX and iOS its just easier to stay with what I got.
  2. Has Qonqr not lost its luster?

    I think the game density issue is kind of addressed by Atlantis isn't it?
  3. iOS 8

    As you may have heard, iOS 8 has just been released to developers. Having been with QONQR through iOS6 and iOS7's debute I think this is something that still has opportunities for QONQR. I'm wondering if it might make sense to offer players UDID activation through QONQRs developer account (I believe it comes with 100) to help identify issues before they present themselves in September when OTA updates might start breaking gameplay. Just a thought. If you wanna do it I'm game! [update:] I've had the developer preview of iOS8 now for about 30 minutes and have noticed no layout issues... performance does seem slower though.
  4. Every Hidden Medal

    Those are achievements to counteract negative achievements.... I don't plan on defecting so those ones are out of my reach.
  5. Every Hidden Medal

    Idk... keep killing, capturing, harvesting, and purchasing... Eventually they'll introduce more awards.
  6. Every Hidden Medal

    This is to announce that I have now reached 139 rank points by getting every hidden medal! Mega Annihilator Super Recruiter Monopolist Uber Specialist Ultra QONQRer I think this is cause for celebration amongst my Faceless brothers and sisters!
  7. Highest Rank Points List

    I'm at 139 now... I believe I'm the first player to ever get all of the hidden achievements!
  8. Legion Covert Ops?

    You decide... https://www.kickstar...phone-92-faster
  9. Highest Rank Points List

    I'm at 131 now as well thanks to the UberSpecialist achievement I just unlocked!
  10. Highest Rank Points List

    I'm at 123 at the moment by the end of the month that should be another 8 points higher!
  11. The Faceless Have A Sergeant Major

    I'm not on the bot count leader boards, I'm not the top in my state, I sometimes miss harvests, but I actually play and enjoy the game. I got this achievement thanks to team work and a focus on the game not the medals. Faceless disrupt, they distract, and they love the game for the game. Just because the Legion got it first doesn't matter to me. I'm not a blind stacker. I'm a mean hacker!
  12. I can announce that I am now a Sergeant Major!!! Thanks to all the Faceless who helped make it possible! If my calculations are correct that makes me the first of the Faceless to earn the rank!!
  13. Server Update 11/7

    Looks like the Faceless still need a Sergant Major then? I suppose I'll have to get a second secret medal...
  14. Qonqr on iOS 7!

    iOS7 Beta 2 introduces no new issues.
  15. Ranks and Awards

    Indeed I'm still waiting for that uberQONQRer badge for 10,000 zone caps that Scott told me he'd make! And yeah I'm a Master Sergent Now!