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  1. Let's share our most memorable battles or funniest moments. I don't have any myself but I'd love to hear others perspective.
  2. Faction Forums (Faceless)

    On the forum home page there should be a request access link in the faction section.
  3. hackers gonna hack

    Welcome to the game! I'm always happy to see new players. We'll be standing by for your switch to Swam :-P
  4. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    UGGHHHHHHH they've subscribed to this too and I'm sure they'll post another message once this updates Silver please come to the rescue!
  5. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    I didn't realize we had spam posters in these forums
  6. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Monk - riveting. Also my phone gets extremely hot to the touch during a battle...
  7. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Earit and Monk, please air your grievances...
  8. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    LOL "fortitude"
  9. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Does "The Art of War" apply to Qonqr?
  10. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    There are many creative adjectives to describe Monk. I don't think coward is one of them. Either way, nice battle story
  11. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Cool! I kind of remember the battle of Kimbro now in December of 2013. I spent a bunch of money on cubes holding off about 10 legion and WildTurk was getting fussy about it.
  12. United Nations of Qonqr

    Anyone familiar with this group? Is it just for big spenders or those of high rank? Have any of the items discussed been implemented in the game? Also BOZO is a POSER. He's not real Swarm.
  13. United Nations of Qonqr

    Not hurt, Bozo. It's just clear that some of us are more valued than others. :-P Why not have these discussions out in the open? As far as the pics go, they could be photoshopped for all I know. They were posted in another chat room by a member of the group.
  14. Blah

    I'm bored. I rarely open the app except to harvest. Qonqr has lost its zest and entertainment value for me. Anyone else feel this way?
  15. In memory of Mr. Bizzy

    For those that are not aware, it has been nearly a year since Mr Bizzy passed. http://blog.qonqr.co...sing-of-mrbizzy http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/3235-mrbizzy/ I invite all players to join us this Thanksgiving for a day of peace in memory of Mr. Bizzy.
  16. Does anyone have anything positive to say?

    Woot! I'd have a beer with y'all anytime.
  17. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Bohdizafa as a fellow Swam I feel your pain. There once was a point here in my area when we were getting our butts kicked by Legion on a daily basis. They were so much better organized and were able to sustain attacks for days at a time and could take down 2 mil bot zones in less than a day. We never gave up and thanks to some fortutious events and better organization Nashville is now a green oasis in a sea of reds and grapes. In addition as far as money goes we would have lost a lot more ground than we did without our cubes so please stop hating on us for using cubes or try to limit us because when you do we will stop paying. Finally, don't get discouraged or allow them to get to you. It's only a game and none of us would want you to play if you're not enjoying it. So get your **** out there and organize your fellow Swarmies. Never give up and never surrender!
  18. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Free players are complaining that pay to win is unfair. I highly doubt anyone would be complaining if things were unfair but to their advantage. Silver had a blog post about this a while back: "We know pay to win happens in QONQR, but it is only winning the battle, not the war. Even those that have spent thousands in the game are often getting their **** handed to them in daily skirmishes and are forced to spend again and again." I remember reading this and asking myself if I should continue to spend as he implied that it was a waste of money if you can't afford to keep spending. Essentially we have the devs and the free players discouraging pay to win. The purpose of the cube is to overcome the overheat limitation. If we can't have some sort of advantage then why pay at all when we could just take our money someplace else where the customer is appreciated.
  19. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Please help me understand what is so unfair about cubing and why you are so hostile towards the devs. If you don't like the game then you should find something else to play.
  20. Hello world!

    Welcome to the Swarm