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    Hello QONQR friends. I am misterbig. They call me that because my friends think I am a very big deal around town. I like to share my money with all my QONQR friends. When I go to the gentleman's club I share all my money with the pretty girls so they can go to college and become massage therapists and good hair dressers. I always tip very handsomely.

    A litte about me that you should know. I am a very generous person. I like money, but I like to share my money even more. Sharing money is so much fun when you have lots of it. I own some Taco Bell franchises and a Hooters. Hooters is my favorite but the girls cause drama. I give them money to keep them happy and drama free. My Taco Bells are a pain in the ***. I give them money and they demand higher pay. Now they strike for more minimum wages. I tell the pretty workers to quit and work at my Hooters for more money. Oh well, the world is strange.

    I like $100 bills and $2 bills the most. I like triple cheese burgers, woman with good values and no scruples. I like QONQR because I give my team $1000's of dollars to win in Detroit. We crush everyone. I like crushing people who try and spend more money than me. They are stupid people because I just use my money I get from Taco Bell and Hooters to win. They lose their houses and cars. I feel sad for them.

    I like to sail and QONQR and go tanning and QONQR. My skin is milky white so I can only tan for 3 minutes, but I can deploy many times with lots of cubes and refreshes. My favorite time to QONQR is when the bad guys think we are sleeping. I like to wait for big sneak attacks and then ruin their day.

    I enjoy whole milk, Cheez-its and things that are salty-sweet. But most of all I enjoy spending money on QONQR. I hope I get to play with you soon! After I crush you with my money clip made of solid gold I will give you cubes and make friends with you again!

    Good luck
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  1. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Claw's screengrab of my wire msg about me apologizing was not sent to him, it was sent to BTOLEE before he quit, and then un-quit. (see "Why I Quit Qonqr thread). Claw likes to transpose his own behavior on other ppl. When he talks about me, he's really talking about himself. Hopefully it's theputic, because the complaining is sure not helping him in-game, where he is loosing terribly, despite spending hundreds of dollars a month. Oh, I have a screen grab too! But wait, Claw doesn't cube
  2. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Well said Vile. I'm going to go harvest my goat.
  3. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Claw it's not nice to make fun of foreigners. That's back when he had good translation software. He used to copy and paste better English translations into the wire, or didn't you read above, he's trying to save money? Would you make fun of people with speech impediments too? Be nice to people
  4. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    He's American, but from a foreign land.
  5. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    LOL@Marthos, yes we definitely play hard on Legion.
  6. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    I have nothing more to add accept the 'obvious'. Keep the abs coming, we love to watch you spend your money,
  7. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Your math is faulty. It costs more to take down an actively defended zone than to build it, unless you all buy cubes (less cubes per person) and all cube rage plasma at once, which is your specialty. Also, you should take a look at your ordinance purchases from for the last 6 weeks, we have, lol, and you know what I am talking about. Care to take a guess at how much ordinance you purchased? Chicken or the egg claw? Cubing in defense is only necessary if you are under fire, like a plasma rage, which you again admitted to.
  8. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Lol, what is sick is that you think you know what I am thinking. Narcissistic maybe? Do you have ESP too? Also, the fact that you replied with " If you really knew how little we cared I wonder if you would still think it was worth it. I will say that we used to care, it used to really bother me, but not anymore." says that you do care. If you didn't care, why would you continue to buy cubes to pile in absorbers and plasma rage zones? To your second comment, you didn't make any sense. You just admitted that you cube rage (hence buying lots of cubes from a Zimbabwian scam artist) because they are 'good' targets to cube into the ground.You guys must pool each others money together and then give it back to one another, lol, because you all plasma rage at the same time. I didn't prove any of your points. You just illustrated that you are a hypocrite. Wow you are funny! We have all heard this song from you before claw. The incessant whining is worse than your plasma raging. Have some class and apologize for calling Silver a scam artists and likening the game to a scam, that is border-line defamation. If you are unhappy with the game, or if you can't control yourself around your wallet when 'good' targets come up, you should just leave the game, kinda like staying out of a casino when you have a problem.
  9. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    I disagree, but to each their own.How about when u buy zones by cube raging them into the ground with a 550 pack worth of dpf cores and recharges. That's buying zones claw. You do it weekly. Most recently, Grosse Pointe park, Inkster, Berkley, Detroit, Redford 1, Redford 2.. Need I go on? Is it a scam when you willingly buy cubes to plasma rage those zones into the ground, on you own volition?
  10. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    I disagree, but to each their own.
  11. I think calling silver a scam artist and claiming QONQR is a scam designed o extract your money, DrClaw, is stepping over the line. While you are protesting using cubes, you are simultaneously cubing in absorbers in Clawson MI. Wow....
  12. Attack on Detroit!!!!

    Its great to see a single faction can takes down huge towers like Pittsburg and Royal Oak without the help of a second faction. Demonstrates amazing teamwork and positive faction culture.
  13. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    Thanks Silver for listening.
  14. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    Well said BuYu
  15. Cheater Checking Chart Feedback

    First off, thank you Silver for making a thoughtful effort at combating cheating (multi-scoping). I think have you endeavored to come up with a creative solution to a problem which I am sure consumes a lot of your personal time; time that could be better spent developing new or improved aspects of the game. But, I do not believe this tool will enhance or benefit the player experience or the game environment. Also, I feel that this tool will have more of an adverse affect on the community, instead of a positive one. First, their will always be cheating (in the form of multi-scoping) as long as we (players) are permitted to have our household family members play with us or 'together'. Each family situation is different. Some players I know only play together because their lives require them to be occupied with work or family at the same time. The tool only validates what a lot of people may already know about a player; that two players are in the same location and deploying at the same time. The tool does not tell you what the intentions of the player(s) are or why those operatives deploy at the same time (ie: what their personal lives dictate for time dedicated to playing the game). It is my view that the tool will generate a lot of false positives, since you have to verify each case independently. The tool will just provide the public with the means to harass or potentially defame or at the least character assassinate a player in the forums, FB, Twitter, etc., before any investigation by yourself has been conducted or concluded. This will result in players quitting in frustration. Secondly, the presence of the tool works against the positive/fun aspects of the game and replaces those aspects with negative and divisive attributes. Now, instead of focusing on team building, strategy, relationship building, working together, etc., the tool becomes the nexus for dividing people, breaking relationships, working to disrupt or de-harmonize the game experience. I almost feel that more people will spend time on this tool checking to see whether two players 'could' be potential cheaters than actually playing the game. I envision the forums blowing up with cheater accusations, screen-caps of alleged cheaters and fights and arguments over banning people. In essence, I see this tool diminishing the entertainment value of the game and further dividing the community. Thirdly, there are inherent privacy and abuse concerns I see with this tool. An op could put his/her own name in and that of a player they wish to 'hone' in on for the purpose of physically stalking them. Three ops could drive around a suspect target's home or business for several days, deploying when the target is deploying and using that data to triangulate or guesstimate where someone is, or is not. I understand it wouldn't be real-time knowledge, but it would be enough information to generate a pattern of behavior for that person (ie: when they are home or not, when they are at work, etc.). We have had problems with an operative in our area stalking one of our local players. We believe that player is so obsessed that they would use this tool to potentially "get" to our faction member. Our faction member is considering quitting if this tool goes public because of the privacy and abuse concerns. Other faction members are considering quitting because they are upset that their cube money is being spent on development of this instead of the game itself. Lastly, QONQR has been around for nearly two years with few changes to the game experience and storyboard. It is our hope (paying players) that our cube purchase go to enriching the game and not creating more divisiveness and paranoia. We already have plenty of that. I will be the first to admit I have made reports to support regarding multiscopers, but I would rather live with cheaters and defeat them through recruiting and positive faction culture instead of introducing a tool which could have very detrimental affects to both the player community and the spirit of the game itself. Instead of focusing on the development of cheater detectors, I would personally like to see new weapons, missions/quests, new metrics and leader boards, new in-game communications, etc. I know it is a complex issue, but I feel that the best way to handle blatant multiscoping is to talk to the operatives and investigate each case separately and privately. I understand it is more time consuming, but, divert some of those cube purchases to hiring a few more folks to do the investigative work instead of deputizing the public. Mass hysteria never ends well... ~misterbig