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  1. faceless in texas

    There are a few faceless we could always use some more. Welcome to the game and forum
  2. Funniest Zone Names

    HEY!!!!!! don't forget Kickapoo, Texas
  3. MrBizzy

    Never had the fortune of meeting MrBizzy but saw him on the leader boards. I will honor him and count me in on Thanksgiving I have to work but I will STAQ TO THE HEAVENS. My prayers to his family and friends. I will spread the word her in Texas.
  4. new goals for richin109

    its a shame richin and I are not in the same state. I think a good goal would be to have faceless number 1 2 and 3. But I am right there with Richin I managed to make it to number 3 in the country and number 4 in the world and I think its time to change things up a bit. If I loose my high number oh well. its all about having fun and when it becomes more then that you loose the point of why people play any games weather it be QONQR or GTA V. Have fun
  5. New iPhone Release

    Yeah if i hear "dad i need to harvest" one more time i think i am going to make her get a job. Thank you Kitrik, Silver and guys. I have to say of all the games I have played online QONQR has the best support to date. Frank we will talk just let me get this week behind me.
  6. New iPhone Release

    Yeah my daughters older iPod touch 3rd Gen will not run the game now. Do y'all plan on fixing the issue for the older iPod touches or do I need to plan on buying her a newer iPod :-/ she updated it before I could tell her not to. thanks for the great support. I am on windows so I dont get the cool upgrade lol
  7. New Faceless in Weatherford, Texas

    Don't listen to slipstream. We need more faceless in that area.
  8. Server Update 2-27-2013

    Silver I have one thing to say. QONQR has much better support then some of the larger games and much larger companies. My daughter has been playing skylanders lost islands on her iPod but after spending many hours playing and the $$$ I have shelled out for her the game crashes and won't open and she has lost everything. And what does Activision do about it..... They tell you to close the program and reset your phone. Yeah that doesn't fix it and they have no desire to fix it
  9. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Very good to both of ya!!! Keep it up
  10. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    LoL I would if it would rain. Right now the brew and cigar sounds great but my **** would be dragging still on the guad. Don't worry I will still visit frequently and raise some ****
  11. how many people

    Or have ya melted down your phone yet. I know I have gotten mine hot enough to cook egg
  12. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    LoL. Corners I was raised in the panhandle of Texas about 60 miles from Amarillo. Other than all this **** dirt blowing at the moment its not too bad. oh its still to good for swarm lol
  13. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    There really is not much swarm in Texas. I know the top 20 is all red and purple.
  14. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    Welcome to the forums.
  15. Spies, Double Agents, and Mercenaries--Oh My!

    And all this time I hoped you owned www.supertrampoline.com