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  1. Oddball Strategy

    read this post http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/2677-winning-the-game-or-qonqr-v2/
  2. Oddball Strategy

    Swarm working with faceless is how we do down in Florida. We would love to get another state working as CEL.
  3. Wondering

    Well in Florida we have CEL which is Swarm and Faceless alliance.
  4. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Why just part time you should go full time what that gig.
  5. A public apology to MetalChic23

    As someone who has seen most of what was said about Metalchic. Id say this thread has gone on to long. I am very local to her, and before she switched sides i'm sure I said some nasty things too. Although most of my comments were senseless and just mean spirited . That is just an aspect of the game. Jay as you know we have a lot changes going on in Florida and no one can be sure who to trust from Legion as of yet. Metal seems legit, but that could all still change. As a person i think I would definitely hang out with Jay he is super cool, I would also say id hang with MetalChic (but she is still young, Cool but young). Jay I'm also sure that the room she was in before had some choice word about all of us in CEL.
  6. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    I would love to beta test the android app. I play on my windows phone which is my work phone. I have a few android tab and phones at home.