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  1. Synclock Challenge

    They are not looking for either. So this is just some fun/rant thread. BTW I locked 14 accounts in one go, 'they' inoculated too fast to screen captured them. Yeah they inoculated them all, I am helping the dev to make money, at least 14 cubes per day. P/S : The difference is 10 of them put 1 seekers in a zone and I need to ZA 20 times to clear it, if it is just mega cubers I can clear them in 1 or 2 missles. Oh they also have Faceless accounts to feed themselves and to make you angry (plasma to weaken the zones and move in with the Faceless accounts, you just lost ton of zones without warning until you go check the command centre, and then you need to use even more bots to lead it back because you cannot attack your own faction).
  2. Synclock Challenge

    How many can you catch in one go
  3. Pay to cheat?

    Hey the multiscopers can be creative too. After a few sync lock, they just create a new account starting from 0, now you cant lock them because it is under level 100, and you have to waste your launch on the growing threat.
  4. OH, grab a drink, 2 mil tower gone o.O

    If they cube and it is not a hack, then it is all good for the developer. Now if we can take it back, it will feel even more satisfied.
  5. For the time to regen the bot tank, 2 mil just gone, is it really that possible? 2nd tower in a week already, sigh. /rant
  6. SyncLock basically just turn the multiscopers into one player with a huge bot tanks upgrade. Their only penalty is being in OH mode but all the account regen at the same time, you are essentially fighting a player with 17000 bot tank that regen same as you. In a battle you will get into OH mode pretty quick as well which then put you back into disadvantages again. The device should lower the regen rate for the sync locked accounts.
  7. Without staring at the Command Centre every minute, you will not know what the other scopes are doing. One of the scope is exchanging blows with you while the other 3 is piling up deflectors at other zones. Managed to synlock? Then stop using the others account and continue tomorrow. Ask buddies to cover for an hour then the overheat will be reset, if really emergency then spend 1 cube. Nothing to worry about. Sync lock is a joke.
  8. Most Active Zone in the World 07/05/2014

    I think he meant the date format in the US is month/day/year which in the way I wrote means in July...
  9. A huge battle between Faceless and Legions from 2 countries. Raiding a special landmark zone 1.6mil Legion stronghold with max supports, actively defensed zone. Many attempts to build up a beachhead failed (hence 33 strengtheners deployed) and we end up tearing it down by brute force. Over 1000 missles fired mainly from neighbouring country. Awesome battle. We end up as the top most active zone for the day. FACELESS WIN!! http://portal.qonqr.com/Home/BattleStatistics/1551
  10. New Player Near Me

    Does anyone know what is the range to detect the new player that launched around you?
  11. So let me put it in this way so you can understand easily. We do not make fun of people launching at midnight, we make fun of the explanation given that may be they are couple. As I said, suspicion can go both way. You suspect the only 3 Faceless players in the whole ghost town region to be multiscoping and report them because their bot counts had overtaken you and hurt your pride. What do yo think of the battle heavy region you in? May be you can ask the dev how many email is on you? At the end of the day, as Rocco said we are wasting the developer precious time.
  12. Dear Eric (I have to refrain myself from using the title our group gave you), If your Legion member can have partner launching with them at 4am (our group have funny jokes about this), I do not see the need of the nerd rage you have. Suspicions can go both way and you are not the only want to receive a reply like that. Now, which of your zone should I missle next?
  13. Increase cost of strengthen and booster

    This is funny, especially coming from the person with a team of rich that establish the beachhead with only seekers, strengtheners and absorbers, basically throwing qcredit at us.
  14. Funniest Zone Names

    Try to beat this: G-a-y World Park // Central // Singapore Captured by Legion, go figure... Edit : Censored by forum... Adding dash to the word... Sigh.
  15. Plasma beam tactical question...

    2 cubes can let you buy around 8 DPF core (if the exchange rate is 4000 qredits) and Full energy recharge that allows you to fire 8 shots back to back, or 2 cubes can let you buy 10 nanobots refresher = 5,000 bots. So Plasma is also a very cost effective way to deal a severe blow to a fortress.