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  1. Anonymous is Legion

    Anonymous is Legion. Just sayin'.
  2. Plasma cubing lets you take a zone but it doesn't let you defend it. So he killed your bots, now kill his. Let him get to 200k-ish then destroy all his expensive bots, and just keep doing that repeatedly to make him mad.
  3. exchange rate "oddities" and it's bias?

    This is the most ridiculous nonsense I've ever read in all my life. Every player has access to the exchange. The exchange rate is the same for every player. That is 100% fair. To imply that the devs spiked the exchange rate due to Legion's big op is preposterous. What was stopping Faceless from doing their own big retliation against the Legion at the same exact time, and equally taking advantage of these exchange rates? Further, this was the first major op to happen after the 9000 exchange rate around there. It's highly unlikely they needed to exchange cubes at 6000, because they were sitting on huge piles of millions of credits from Christmas Eve, and saw your big stack and thought to themselves, "Smash!" The utter lack of logic on display in this thread is making me want to scrape of my face with a rusty shovel. What this thread amounts to is a bunch of sour grapes; people who got their zone smashed and are ****-hurt about it, looking for some secret conspiracy as to why it was able to happen so they don't have to give any credit to their opponent, and feed the false sense of superiority they get from having no decent local competition. How about giving your opponents credit for a job well done? They put in a lot of hard work and pulled off something that has never been done before. That's a major accomplishment. You should be saying, "Good fight," to them, instead of implying the only reason they were able to do it, was because of some conspiracy with the developers! BTW, Gadgerson, the 1000 exchange rate was complained about, and the current fluctuating exchange rate is one of the best things changes to the game in a long time. People are always going to complain, because they get ****-hurt, and then their complaining juice starts flowing; we all do it. But at the end of the day what I hope is that logic prevails. What is logical is this: if you're smart, you wait until the exchange rate is high, then you buy. You don't waste your credits and cubes on buying stuff that is not very smart to buy (not going to provide my analysis of this, but suffice it to say, there are very stupid ways to spend your cubes and credits in this game, and on the other hand there are very smart ways). Spending real hard-earned dollars should have a huge payoff and while it may seem unbalancing, the truth is that in the long-term, players who are persistent can beat any cubers, because cubing is not sustainable for anyone, and if it were then it would become awfully boring for them. This game rewards careful planning, efficient spending of credits, and patient diligence. If you think there's any correlation between the daily exchange rate and you getting your *** kicked, you're smoking crack.
  4. If they switch away from Legion, it's 60 days. If they switch to Legion, it's 6 months. Shhhh
  5. Unofficial General strategy guide

    Bonanza zones are great. How do you think I have 52+ million bot kills? Let me tell you. Some players in my area loved to stockpile seekers. I once found a zone with 328k shockwaves, 323k seekers, and 1.55m zone assaults! BOBABZA BABY
  6. All good points, Alexander. I'll update the main post. I simply forgot about the QONQR Wiki, it was not omitted on purpose. I think it may still have some outdated info and missing pages but it's still a good resource. OK I edited the main post and added a couple more sections. Gave a link to the official strategy guide. Added talk about bases. More description about launching. I think this is more complete now.
  7. The Universe of QONQR QONQR is more than the app, it's also: - these forums - QONQR web portal ("the portal") - the Windows 8 QONQR Command Center app - qommnd.com, a web-based (superior) alternative to Command Center - the unofficial QONQR wiki Additionally for best results you will likely end up using some or all of these: - group chat using an app like GroupMe, Skype, WeChat, etc. - a Facebook group - faction-specific forum on ProBoards or another similar site - faction-specific documents on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. for keeping track of stuff, sharing strategies, etc. Object of the Game The over-all object of QONQR is to conquer as many zones as you can, changing them to the color of your faction, and ensuring it stays that way. Also, to have fun. If you're not, reconsider playing it. In service of that broad goal are many smaller personal goals (see "Leaderboards, Ranks, & Medals" below). Outside of that, there are many other things you can do to help your faction conquer your area. How the Game is Played Playing QONQR is really simple. Mainly you just launch nanobot formations into zones over and over and over. Select a zone, select a formation, and launch bots until your bot tank and/or energy tank is empty, then wait for your tanks to refresh and do it again (or manually refill your tanks using refresh ordinance). Ideally you will take over a zone from an enemy, then stack up defense until you have millions of bots protecting it. NOTE: There is a limit to how many times you can launch in an hour before your tanks begin to overheat, causing your refresh rates to go down. The more you are overheated the longer you'll have to wait for your tanks to refresh. The longest you'll have to wait is one hour: if it's been an hour since your last launch, your tanks will instantly fill back up (though you may need to harvest your bases to force the game to display the levels properly). Usually it's much quicker than that. (See "Launching" below). The other aspect of QONQR (besides launching into zones) is harvesting credits. To harvest credits you need to set up at least one base (see "Bases" below). Every four hours your bases fill up with credits if your faction controls the zone the base is in; otherwise it takes eight hours. You should get in the habit of harvesting credits every time you open up the app. Bases You can set up a base in your current zone by going to the bases tab and clicking on the create base button. As you level up, you earn extra bases that you can create, which you set up by physically traveling to another geographical location that has a different zone associated with it. Whatever the closest zone to you is at any given time will be listed as your current zone in the bases tab of the app. If you live in a dense urban area, you won't have to travel very far, but if you live out in the countryside then woe be unto you, for you may have to travel several hours! Leaderboards, Ranks, & Medals You can strive to attain as high a position as possible in various different leader-boards: - total bots currently deployed (viewable at various levels: individual zone, state/province, national, & worldwide) - total bot kills (viewable only at the worldwide level, and only on the portal) - total zone captures (viewable only at the worldwide level, and only on the portal) - total current zone leads (viewable only at the worldwide level, and only on the portal) - total credits harvested (viewable only at the worldwide level, and only on the portal) Three of those, zone leads, credits harvested, and bot kills, also directly grant Medals as you progress. Two also indirectly grant the leveling Medals: bot kills and bots deployed (since that's how you get XP). The rest of the Medals are gained through other means: - recruiting - buying scope upgrades - buying ordinance - deploying and/or not deploying on certain special dates Harvesting might be improved by your own activity (kills, deployments, and captures) if your faction does not already control all the zones your bases are in. Harvesting also can improve how fast you can attain the scope upgrades and ordinance Medals. Rank is just for show, and so are Medals, except one. Having a higher rank does not (at the time of this writing) give any reward other the title that gets displayed in front of your name in your profile. Only one Medal grants an in-game bonus: the "Mercenary" medal, which lets you switch factions after level 100 without the normal 6-month cooldown (see "Switching Factions" below), but it also kills all your bots! The recruiting achievement is gotten by having people who hit level 100 list you as their recruiter. Their own leveling progress indirectly leads to you getting credit for recruiting them in the progress for the recruiting Medal. More on this below. Regarding the Medals for switching factions, see "Switching Factions" below. Recruiting There are three sides to actual recruiting: (1) having someone list you as their recruiter who hits level 100 (2) getting someone new to start playing QONQR (3) getting a new player to join your faction (4) getting a seasoned, active player to defect from another faction to your faction If you're in an area with local competition, recruiting types (3) and (4) are the single best things you can do to enhance the chances of your success towards the main goal of QONQR. Unfortunately the recruiting achievement is not affected by (3) or (4), or even (2), but only by (1). This has resulted in the player who has the highest number of recruits being the player who simply bribed people on the forums to list them as their recruiter. Also be careful publicly recruiting players in your own area, because there is no guarantee they'll join your faction. Getting to the top of the recruiting Medals could hurt you if many of the players you bring into the game end up choosing an opposing faction. Use public recruiting in your area as a last resort if you can't find another path to success. If someone lists you as their recruiter when they start playing, they will get a two-cube bonus. I don't know if this applies to people who list you as their recruiter after they start playing, though. There also used to be a cubes reward for the recruiter, but cheaters got that taken away from us. Still, if you can convince an existing player to list you as their recruiter, you probably already convinced them to join your faction, and it can't hurt to reach out to new players in your area and try to recruit them to your side. In fact, you're supposed to do that; if no one on your side is doing that, then you're probably not going to do very well. Switching Factions Using the portal, you can freely change your faction without a Rank penalty any time before level 100. (After you hit level 100, it gets complicated. See this explanation from Silver, who explains it perfectly.) Prior to level 100, just choose the opposite faction to the one that controls your home zone and start attacking. The game already recommends this when you start. You level faster this way. After you level up enough to attack zones held by a second faction, switch factions to the one that controls your home zone. You'll earn credits faster this way, and still be able to level just as fast. Once you reach this point, start thinking about what faction you'll want to be on for the long haul. The choice of which faction to be on is the most important decision you can make. It will determine how your QONQR "career" goes. Remember, which faction controls your bases will directly affect how fast you accrue credits. Personally, I chose Legion because my best friend played on Legion. How you choose your faction, and what factors you base this choice on, is entirely up to you. Use qommnd.com to see what is going on around you. Who are the active players? What faction is stronger? Open lines of communication with the active players in your area, from each of the factions. They will all want you to join them. Until you do they will not likely give you much in the way of information, such as how many people are active on their team, how good their regional collaboration is, etc. You should get a feel for who seems like the most active and organized team, and switch to it for awhile as a sign of trust, then try to get to know them better and possibly join their GroupMe, etc. If you don't like them then switch to the other faction and see how they do things. If you prefer to play the underdog role and try to build up your own team, pick the weakest side and get busy recruiting and organizing. Definitely figure out which team you want to join before level 100 so you can switch without penalty. Note: This is not a criticism of the story of the game, but I would discourage you from using the in-game "story" as a basis for your faction choice (i.e. the Faceless want to hack, Legion wants to destroy, Swarm wants to protect, etc.). Each faction in QONQR is exactly the same except for the colors and who plays on it. This is not a role-playing game. There is no way to express a desire to hack/destroy/protect the QONQR AI through playing the game. Of course, if you actually enjoy the game more because you like the idea of being a hacker/NSA operative/techno-cult member (or whatever Swarm people are supposed to be), then by all means choose that faction. Launching Scroll around your map by dragging with your finger and pinching to zoom in/out. Press the reticle button to center the map on your current location. Tap on a battle zone icon to bring up the launch screen. Select a nanobot formation group (Attack, Defend, or Support) and then select nanobot formation (Zone Assault, Shockwave, Plasma Beam, Nanomissile, Deflection, etc. etc.). Then press the launch button to deploy the currently selected formation into the currently selected zone. Get in the habit of launching ever 20 minutes until your scope is empty, using the timer on your phone to remind you. Don't launch more than six times every 20 minutes. You'll never have problems getting overheated if you follow this simple procedure. Yes there are perhaps more refined strategies for launching and managing overheat levels, but really, launching regularly every 20 minutes without fail is far and away more important than any little secret tactic to sneak in an extra couple of launches here and there and imagining you're some kind of cooldown ninja. Because if you forget to launch for an hour, what difference does it make if you know a secret way to get 20 or 22 launches per hour instead of 18... ? As for which formation to use, see "Strategy and Tactics" below. Ordinances & Upgrades Don't spend a single credit or cube on anything except upgrades until you have maxed out: - bot tank - bot launcher - shield enhancer - damage enhancer (in no particular order, though I would favor getting at least two upgrades in Bot Tank first, and don't max one thing out until everything is up to its second-highest level) The next upgrades you do will all be situational and you should take the advice of your team to figure out what will help the most for the role you're going to be playing on their team. Ordinances are things you'll end up buying for specific purposes. As a new player you shouldn't be buying them at all until your upgrades are taken care of. You'll just be throwing away money because upgrades do not apply retroactively to bots you already have deployed. So you'll just have a bunch of weak-sauce **** littering the landscape from your noob era. Wait until you're a strong, maxed-out tank, then buy ordinances and use them wisely. Strategy & Tactics Read as many strategy guides on this forum as you can, especially the official strategy guide. I'm not going to go into the details of which formations do what, since I'd just be rehashing what they already say. The best strategy you can have initially is go out and set up as many bases as you can in places your faction strongly controls. Go out for a drive. I will say this: depending on the situation, QONQR can become pretty complicated due to team dynamics and the progress of an ongoing battle. That is why I like this game and find it intellectually stimulating. The team whose members play certain roles that involve particular ratios of formations at specific time intervals is going to have a significant advantage over a team who is disorganized and lacks a coherent strategy. If you're a solo player with no team in your area then QONQR will be a whole lot simpler, but there are still some intricacies to it that you should study up on. A solo player won't have much of a chance if their opponent has a team, so think about reaching out to neighboring cities and making contact with people who can send nanomissiles to help you. You'll want to send them nanomissiles in return to earn their favor. Unfortunately the numbers behind a lot of things like threat are pretty much hidden from the player. There's no way to directly find out how much strengthen and bot boosters your team already has in a particular zone without asking each player with significant bots inside. You can't know who on your team has how much threat and how much aggression. Maybe someday QONQR will gain this capability but for now we're in the dark, which makes communicating with your fellow local players that much more important. Here are some simple things NOT to do: - don't pile up tons of seekers, just a couple of launches is enough - don't pile up shockwaves or nanomissiles in your zone - don't launch a shockwave into an enemy zone without first testing it with seekers or ZA to see if there are seekers there - don't launch defensive bots into a zone which has enemy bots in it, without first testing it with seekers to see if the enemy bots include attack bots (if so, launch seekers until they're gone, then put in defensive bots) - don't waste money on ordinance until your upgrades are at least mostly done - don't use divert until you're part of a team operation where you want to coordinate whose bots will get hit first on purpose to protect the support bots of one or more of the players; even then don't put more than a 5:1 ratio of support bots to divert bots - don't be a jerk to people - don't use the exchange unless it's at 6k or higher (the highest recorded rate was 9k on Christmase Eve, 2014; 7k rates have happened occasionally as well)
  8. Actually it's called the Minions and its color is black. Every cube is free but your phone plays Skinny Puppy's Assimilate on a repeating loop (uses the microphone to check you have it turned up loud) and you must type "QONQR CONTROLS MY MIND, SOUL, AND ACTIONS" on the keypad for each free cube. The AI decides what zone you launch into. The story takes a weird turn as it becomes apparent the QONQR AI has a strong liking of goth and industrial music. Its true purpose becomes revealed that it is assembling a series of robotic exoskeleton for the members of The Cure in order prevent them from every dying ("curing" them). The goth server of iTunes basically went rogue and lyrics from Echo & The Bunnymen turned into a computer program. Faceless of course are trying to hack goth music with hair metal routines, assembled from tracks off of U.D.O.'s album, Faceless World...
  9. Server Update 11/7

    Which they did not actually earn by recruiting, but merely by bribing players with cubes to list them as their recruiter.
  10. Christmas Video Contest

    Oh you can bet the big guns are comin out
  11. Hah! You'll never know my secrets, Swarm!! Maybe *after* we both quit... BTW... recruiting is more important than weird little slapfight strategies by far.
  12. Your Highest Qredit Count

    I never let it get over 185k, the "magic beachhead number" (80+80+25)...
  13. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    You make a beachhead while on an actual beach!
  14. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    You take an 8-block walk in the cold rain at night to get in lattice range due to the iOS range bug. 9.066 miles = 10 miles = no lattice. 9.065 miles = 8 miles = lattice!
  15. Player Obsession: Fatal Attraction?

    Best thing you could do is invite them for a beer and get over it. Maybe join their faction or get them inro yours. Or take some time off if it ain't fun anymore.