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  1. Attention Qonqr Agents

    That's all that matters after all. Let the 4th play the game the way they like it
  2. Warning message for threads

    There's no need for organization, leave things the way they are, normally that fixes things
  3. Pay To Win

    Slipstream got himself caught jk
  4. I quit.

  5. Game Breaking Success

  6. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Well we do need the time to pet our kitty killing dogs...
  7. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Well Kittens, you got that right (may I hijack this thread?) the untold story of the legion is (open your eyes wide shut so you can see what I'm about to say) that we are part time kitty killers (in with the toccata et fugue) MUAHAHAHAHA
  8. I quit.

    Oh well there is always a forum **** to create chaos where there is none. Trolling or not Super T is in the right, he always is. I have to admit I had a minor sadness stroke when I saw this but everything seems to be in the right place again (and the trampoline evolved into a trebuchet, that's evolution people!). With that in mind I need to sleep, urgently!
  9. deutscher Spamthread

    Ein bier bitte
  10. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    "Ion Cannon Ready" Edit: goosebumps
  11. Factions and Leaders

    I agree with Rocco, I think Prometheus is just arrogant, from now on I'll call him arroganto
  12. Factions and Leaders

    I think you're all forgetting about where the name comes from, who is Prometheus in the Greek mythology? In the Greek mythology Prometheus steals "the fire" to gift it to mankind, can qonqr be considered "the fire" in this situation? ("The fire" would be the capacity to think, I think) Prometheus can be considered a symbol of the human quest for scientific knowledge, as well as a representation of the "lone genius whose efforts to improve human existence could also result in tragedy" (according to Wikipedia). In this case, the faceless faction could represent the middle ground between the two extremes (to destroy or to deify it [qonqr]). Moving on to the faction, the faceless, ones without face, the ones without eyes, mouth, ears, nose and cheeks (I know the ears are not exactly in the face [or are they?] but I'm extrapolating here). If you don't have eyes to see, a mouth to taste, ears to hear, a nose to smell and cheeks to feel (a touch), what do you have? Well, according to Plato (yes I am all about Greek thinking here) you have the realm of ideas and the material world of the senses, I won't explain all of this here cause I don't think anyone here wants a phylosophy class but the basic idea is that the material world (what you sense) is an illusion whereas the realm of ideas is where reality lies, where there is the truth in its most pure state. This basically means that the faceless are a few illuminate people who can "see" what reality actually is, and are above the illusions of the material world. Or they could be just a group of disfigured fellas with an even more disfigured leader
  13. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    The wolverine is that heavy infantry/light walker GDI unit in tiberian sun
  14. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    Yaay, economy When will I be able to buy bonds?