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  1. Divert

    Not necessarily... if you only have deployments of Strengthen (maybe because you specialized and got your galvanizer upgrades maxed?) in a zone to protect your teammates who are actively reinforcing, I could totally see having some divert deployments to make sure you're attacked last. Granted, it's a very specific scenario, but specialized forces called for tactical usage, yes?
  2. A trade off

    This sounds awesome. Although I might argue that partial days should add up. If I hold a base for 30 seconds, then I should get 30 seconds worth of a base-day for it.
  3. Windows 8 Command Center

    I installed the app on a Windows 8 VM - best of both worlds
  4. How goes everyones recruitment?

    I've managed to get 11 new recruits to level 10, but my pool of recruits has run almost dry until the android version is released.
  5. Why do you continue to play?

    What we did to the Des Moines area was pretty sweet. Having said that, I continue playing because what we did to them could happen to us at any given time. If camsam50 or JohnGault decide to go on a recruiting spree like I did, our little empire could fall just as quickly as it was built. It will come when we aren't expecting it, and it will be brutal. Before that time comes, though, I intend to build as much as I can while still being hounded by those we replaced. The coming war is going to be chaos. I look forward to it, it will be fun!
  6. Sudden performance increase

    Awesome stuff! Just my opinion, but I feel that work on stability/scaleability is far more important than additional features. All implemented features are useless if the system can't handle the load and breaks down, yes?
  7. Windows 8 Command Center

    For those that don't want to fully commit to Windows 8 on their PC, VirtualBox can run W8 just fine, so you can have a virtualized sandbox to run all of your W8 stuff while still maintaining your W7 compatability.
  8. Swarming in the Midwest

    Make sure to request access to the Swarm faction forum so we can coordinate more closely.
  9. Prometheus Mask

    That's mightily impressive, Jadem. Great ingenuity!
  10. Qonqr qards

    These are sick, Jadem. Mad props for making these.
  11. Swarming in the Midwest

    What part of the Midwest are we talking about, TK421? We have Des Moines pretty much on lockdown (care to change that, Faceless?). Feel free to message me in-game.
  12. Sudden performance increase

    According to the announcement last night, they were doing a database update. I can toally see that giving great performance increases.