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  1. anyone find atlantis?

    Thank you, did you deploy first in there?
  2. anyone find atlantis?

    I just got the message that Atlantis has just been released, and I'm not very famiar with the rule, so plz forgive me if I make a mistake or ask a sily question, I watched the qonqr app in win8 then I got this message, Faceless Clover 3650 bots. and it's been capured by faceless member Jenolen the detailed address is Faceless Clover//Faceless//Atlantis, Other atlantis deployments are all from faceless. I'm very intereted in this new feature, as I'm in China, it's peaceful here. Can anyone tell me that if I find Atlantis and find it is out of my scope range, can I deploy there? Thank you.
  3. About refilling bots faster

    After lauching several attacks and defends, the bots begin to refill slower and slower, only if you wait about an hour. I checked the Upgrades items, but can't find one which can make it refill faster. Using cubes to buy 5 refills is expensive, is there an upgrade for the bot and energy refilling bar, I'm sorry to ask if this question is nooby.