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  1. Completely agree, what fun is telling your friends to download an app when the game will punish you for playing near one another?
  2. Agreed mad. I miss the good ole days
  3. The U.S. top 50… or 30?

    Exactly, Vile
  4. The U.S. top 50… or 30?

    Couldn't have been me, I wasn't high enough. And i've only lost about 4 million of 29 million bots so nbd
  5. iOS can pin zones!

    Topic got me way too excited. This feature is not as useful to me in an offensive manner, but I will use it to help keep track of my holdings
  6. The U.S. top 50… or 30?

    Aww thanks Unhuman, you're sweet
  7. 3k exchange rate

    The goat sacrifices finally worked
  8. reduced exp gain

    Yes, as they said XP gain is throttled daily. And as to creating multiple bases from one location I would attribute that to GPS error. Turning on your phone's Wifi should improve location accuracy and reduce that kind of error.
  9. The Faceless Have A Sergeant Major

    Congrats. No surprise it took faceless weeks longer than multiple legion though
  10. QONQR AMA on REDDIT Starts at 1pm EST

    Happy to help. I want the best for QONQR
  11. QONQR AMA on REDDIT Starts at 1pm EST

    I am not overly familiar with reddit, but reading the right sidebar of that link is there a reason Scott chose to post in r/AMA rather than r/IAmA, which states it has fifty times the subscribers and therefore fifty times the advertising reach for QONQR?
  12. iOS 1.9.2 update

    I would like to wholeheartedy reiterate this praise. I love the speed of the new app. The minor cosmetic differences aren't bad either.
  13. Greetings from Alabama

    Welcome Bulwye, I hope youre in contact with Cainsoutdoors. He is our main legion contact in your state. Send him a wire in game and good luck!
  14. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board