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  1. I am free!!!!

    It felt so good to delete the game. Now I get my life back.
  2. I am free!!!!

    For the short term you are correct. However I believe the valley will be better off now. Because I had so many bots in such a small area most new players of any faction quit before they finished training. New Legion players will now see other colors and be motivated to continue to play. In the long term I think it will be a great 3 faction battle in the valley.
  3. I am free!!!!

    I flipped so my bots would be deleted. The thought of being another faction makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I didn't want other players feel like they had to spend money to take the zones. Also I didn't want them to get uncontested bot kills.
  4. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    Portal only works if your browser is set to mobile version and not desktop version.
  5. iOS 1.9.2 update

    Daaaaaaaaang! This thing screams now. It's like going from a minivan to a sports car.
  6. Swarm NW wallpapers - Washington

    How in the world are you able to get here so quickly?
  7. Swarm NW wallpapers - Washington

    I like it.
  8. Swarm NW wallpapers - Washington

    There's are no swarm in Idaho.
  9. Multiscope venting.

    I need this ASAP.
  10. which do you prefere?

    I switched from an iPhone 4 to Nokia Lumia 920. I started playing Qonqr on the 920 but I'm not happy with that phone. My wife and I have had a bunch of problems with our 920s and both of us are on our second handset. I can't keep the battery on the 920 to last half a day if I play Qonqr (or do anything at all) on it. So to make a long story short, I prefer the iOS version but that has more to do with the phone than the game. I use the iphone when wifi is available and I use the 920 when I'm out of the house. And yes, I carry both phones with me at all times.
  11. Server Update 2-27-2013

    Did the bot regeneration get tweaked? I used to empty the bot tank every 20 minutes. Now it is taking longer to fill up.
  12. Slow Perf

    One good thing about this is that I think the bunch of newbies that joined last week and were a thorn in my side have all quit.
  13. weakened misssile attacks

    Maybe Shockwave is not the way to go. Seekers are now very effective against Shockwave. Until you destroy the Seekers, you should switch to Zone Assault or Plasma Beam. Then you can switch to Shockwave.
  14. Q&A on 2-18-2013 Formation Updates

    Just a comment as I've been playing with the new changes. Surviving attack bots not joining in the next launch makes it a little slower to take down an opponent, but it's kinda cool that you have more bots in the zone by the time you take it over. However, when I'm launching missiles, my surviving missiles don't join the next launch and that seems like a waste. Why in the world would I want to have several thousand missiles in a zone 400 miles away? I'd rather have those left overs join the attack. There's less incentive for me to help out a neighbor.
  15. Q&A on 2-18-2013 Formation Updates

    Will Bot Boosters increase the damage Seekers will cause when someone attacks one of my zones? Thanks
  16. What's the deal?

    Attacking is more powerful than defense, so you can unload your bot tank with deflectors a few times and someone can come along and take it all away without breaking a sweat. Maybe attack their zones so they will focus on defense, which may give you a shot to control a zone.
  17. Hardened Lattice Versus Strengthen

    Anybody learn anything about hardened lattice in the few months that have passed?