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  1. Jumping from purple to RED

    Gggggg. You been working on your side of the story?
  2. Jumping from purple to RED

    I don't see how, since we are on the same team and in two totally different areas.
  3. Jumping from purple to RED

    I kinda felt the same when I was swarm and then swarm got a bad name because of a certain kat player who's name doesn't need to be mentioned. So with the lack of support and that Rep I decided to switch to legion as well. The awesomeness that I am didn't need to be tainted. So I agree switching to legion is the best choice ever. Babam! Heh
  4. Sleep QONQRing

    More like #justQONQRthings or #QONQRproblems
  5. Hello from Louisiana! Faceless Newb here!

    hi and welcome to QONQR! I am adrean luna from the Legion. As long as you're not rude and whiny I'm sure we'll get along great.
  6. Short and simple

    Can't we all just try to get along? Setting pride aside and looking at what QONQR really is, a GAME, we really are all the same and equal. there is no "Greater Better Faction". I don't think Legion is better than Swarm or Swarm is better than Faceless or Faceless is better than Legion. We are all equal opponents to each other. This game is designed to work off of your pride. Someone takes something of yours you want it back. "That was mine and I want it back" is what i used to say back when i first started playing (back when I was a Swarmy) and I was mean about it, but then i got to know my opponents and it became more of a game of tug-o-war over my bases and zones. What I'm trying to say is this is just a game, try having more fun with your enemies and less whining. I'm getting tired off seeing it every time I log on.
  7. Who/what is the Government?

    I just think that its cool that you all can join together like that. The legion here mostly do their own thing. Yeah we help when it is needed, but my little group is so scattered that its hard to do missions with each other. Plus where I live is pretty big so there's no way everyone can help. So this is where I say "keep up the awesome team work and spread a little of it down here!"
  8. iOS 8

    I agree. That one was weak. That's coming from a fellow legonaire.
  9. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Dear faithful readers, I'm sorry I am sad to say that part three will be awhile before it can be published. I am still waiting for the two parallels to be sent to me from gmenman and trelwan. If you'd like updates on them please message them a message. I haven't had contact with either one in awhile. I will get to part 3 asap. May be a month, may be six months. I have many things to worry about so it will be "put on the back burner" as some may say until I can be able to write freely. Thank you for your understanding Yours truly, Adrean Luna 1031
  10. LordGideon In.

    Lolz.... Yeah.... Good times. Good times.
  11. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When you realize you've been playing for a full year days after the date you started and threw yourself a little party in celebration of it. December 1st I started playing and joined the forums December 9th.
  12. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Ok. Thanks
  13. Lyrics of the month: "Well, if you can't get what you love, You learn to love the things you've got. If you can't be what you want, You learn to be the things you're not. If you can't get what you need, You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming. Oh, the things that stop you dreaming." Passenger- "Things that stop you dreaming"

  14. Captured!!!!......again.....

    You're going to show me it first right?
  15. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Lolz. Thanks guys. Also Willie it may be another few months cuz of school and life and also I haven't written anything on the next part. Also yes, my defection will be added in later on.