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  1. Jumping from purple to RED

    Gggggg. You been working on your side of the story?
  2. Jumping from purple to RED

    I don't see how, since we are on the same team and in two totally different areas.
  3. Jumping from purple to RED

    I kinda felt the same when I was swarm and then swarm got a bad name because of a certain kat player who's name doesn't need to be mentioned. So with the lack of support and that Rep I decided to switch to legion as well. The awesomeness that I am didn't need to be tainted. So I agree switching to legion is the best choice ever. Babam! Heh
  4. Sleep QONQRing

    More like #justQONQRthings or #QONQRproblems
  5. Hello from Louisiana! Faceless Newb here!

    hi and welcome to QONQR! I am adrean luna from the Legion. As long as you're not rude and whiny I'm sure we'll get along great.
  6. Short and simple

    Can't we all just try to get along? Setting pride aside and looking at what QONQR really is, a GAME, we really are all the same and equal. there is no "Greater Better Faction". I don't think Legion is better than Swarm or Swarm is better than Faceless or Faceless is better than Legion. We are all equal opponents to each other. This game is designed to work off of your pride. Someone takes something of yours you want it back. "That was mine and I want it back" is what i used to say back when i first started playing (back when I was a Swarmy) and I was mean about it, but then i got to know my opponents and it became more of a game of tug-o-war over my bases and zones. What I'm trying to say is this is just a game, try having more fun with your enemies and less whining. I'm getting tired off seeing it every time I log on.
  7. Who/what is the Government?

    I just think that its cool that you all can join together like that. The legion here mostly do their own thing. Yeah we help when it is needed, but my little group is so scattered that its hard to do missions with each other. Plus where I live is pretty big so there's no way everyone can help. So this is where I say "keep up the awesome team work and spread a little of it down here!"
  8. iOS 8

    I agree. That one was weak. That's coming from a fellow legonaire.
  9. Captured!!!!......again.....

    It's early in the morning. When I wake up there is a blinding light in my eyes and pain all over my body deep in my bones. I vaguely remember what happened the night before, and what I do feels as though it was a dream. While I lay here trying to remember, I notice that I am bound to a table. I try to break free but soon acknowledge it is useless. So while I lie here waiting for my doom, I do an assessment over myself. 1...2...3 broken ribs, twisted ankle and possibly a fractured arm somewhere between my shoulder and elbow. I try to remember who I am,what I was doing last night, and most importantly, where and why I am here. " Adrean Azure Luna, PFC of Swarm, age 17" I run through my head over and over again. Slowly my memory comes back. Dr. Kimyo Nagumo ordered a mandatory meeting. It was a spur-of-moment thing. She told us a good piece of information that could help us defeat the Legion. "We will meet in Huntsville, TX at midnight," she told us. "Do NOT be late." "Yes ma'am" we replied. As I started to leave she called to me and told me to meet her in her office. Not good, definitely not good. When I got to her office I hesitantly knocked the door. "Come in" she said. "You asked for me Doc," I asked when I came in. "Yes. Adrean I noticed that we are not far from your hometown. Correct"? "Yes ma'am" "I also noticed that is where you was captured by an ex-faceless. Am I correct on that as well"? "Yes," I replied sheepishly remembering the incident that happened about a month back, "but I wasn't informed that he was in the area." As soon as that was out I wanted to take it back knowing how much she disliked excuses. "If you are as good of a 'guardian of the moon' as you say you are, then you shouldn't have to be told the enemy is," she said in that scary calm tone, "so because of this incident you are being put on probation. You will only get one chance to redeem your reputation. You will join Commander Supertrampoline, Agent Flower, Agent Monk, Agent Gadgerson, and Agent Jadem in this mission to help them get around the area. Do you understand? Also should you fail just stay home. We cannot afford to lose. QONQR needs us." "Yes ma'am," was all I could say. "Good, you are dismissed," she said without looking at me. After that it's all blurry with only a few scenes to see. I remember we arrived at the zone with no problems, and started to deploy. Next thing I know we're being ambushed by Legion operatives on all sides of us. sides remember telling my comrades to get out of there while I fought the Legion off. Only to be attacked from behind. The last thing I remember is watching my friends run as I'm handcuffed, blindfolded, and eventually knocked out. Now as I lie here I fight back tears of frustration and failure refusing to show weakness. "I guess I'm not cut out for this," I think to myself. That's when I hear someone coming. Only the voices I hear from them doesn't make sense. "Thank you for your help Prometheus," said a female voice, "we couldn't have done it without you." "Don't mention it. Really I mean it; never speak of this again," said a raspy voice. I could only guess it was Prometheus. Then the door opened and I heard the female say, "Greetings Adrean Luna. I am Sunday. I have been waiting to meet your for a very long time...." To be continued...
  10. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Dear faithful readers, I'm sorry I am sad to say that part three will be awhile before it can be published. I am still waiting for the two parallels to be sent to me from gmenman and trelwan. If you'd like updates on them please message them a message. I haven't had contact with either one in awhile. I will get to part 3 asap. May be a month, may be six months. I have many things to worry about so it will be "put on the back burner" as some may say until I can be able to write freely. Thank you for your understanding Yours truly, Adrean Luna 1031
  11. LordGideon In.

    Lolz.... Yeah.... Good times. Good times.
  12. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When you realize you've been playing for a full year days after the date you started and threw yourself a little party in celebration of it. December 1st I started playing and joined the forums December 9th.
  13. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Ok. Thanks
  14. Lyrics of the month: "Well, if you can't get what you love, You learn to love the things you've got. If you can't be what you want, You learn to be the things you're not. If you can't get what you need, You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming. Oh, the things that stop you dreaming." Passenger- "Things that stop you dreaming"

  15. Captured!!!!......again.....

    You're going to show me it first right?
  16. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Lolz. Thanks guys. Also Willie it may be another few months cuz of school and life and also I haven't written anything on the next part. Also yes, my defection will be added in later on.
  17. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Thanks. I don't know how I'll out do this part with my next one though. *Sigh* I'll do my best though.
  18. Captured!!!!......again.....

    What do y'all think? Anyone?
  19. Captured!!!!......again.....

    Finally got it typed!! XD Here it is. Gman is going to work on the parallel to it. "Welcome Adrean, to my lovely little base,"Sunday says with a smirk. "What do you want"? I spit back. "Feisty little thing aren't you? Well since you asked, so nicely I might add, I should answer. I would like you to join Legion, but before you refuse you should think of the benefits and consequences. Think of how happy your family would feel if you joined the military and saved the world, or how disappointed they would be were they to find out you are a traitor to our country." "Ha! You're a funny old lady. Like my family would care what I do. They abandoned me! They don't give two shakes of a dog's tail about what I do and don't do," I retort, "looks like you'll just have to find something else to get at me with." With that her infamous temper I've heard oh so much about flared up. "I am not old and you will respect me! On another note, I'm sure we can find something." And then she left me alone. Only I don't feel as though I'm alone. I feel like someone is still here and I could've sworn I saw something out of the corner of my eye talking to Sunday. Oh well. I really need to focus on getting an escape plan out of here. What to do? Oh if only I had scoped out the area before we came. If only I had paid attention to our surroundings. If only I had used my "special abilities like I was taught is basic FREAKING training for Guardians. If only, If only, If only. Well it's too late now. That was then, I need to focus on the here and now. Now escape plan. As I take a look around I see there's no windows. Dang! They must have done their homework. Well no windows means no powers, no powers means no using plan "A". Time for plan "B". "Hello? Is there anyone here? I need to go to the bathroom," I say as loud and sweetly as I can manage making sure I emphasize the word "need". As a response I hear a loud "click" of the lock and the the door opening followed by a pair of unmistakable footsteps. "Here use this," says a shadowed figure throwing a bucket towards me. "Ummmm... To things. One I'm strapped to a table so the bucket won't work. Two it's not that kind of bathroom." I say innocently. "What? Uhh.... Oh," he said slowly realizing what I meant, "but I'm not supposed to let you out this room. Oh, don't look at me like that. Fine, no messing with me or I'll lock you back up." Yes! My puppy-dog face worked. I don't resist when he handcuffs me or when he puts the blindfold over my eyes, as much as I want to, no I just wait until I hear him turn around to open the door. Silently I jump my cuffs and hit him in all of his pressure points and knock him out before he can even say "what are you doing"? Note to self: Remember to tell monk thanks. Now to get out of here. I take the blindfold and handcuffs off and, even though it smells really bad, I change into the legionnaires uniform then leave, but not before taking his ID and snarling, "that's what you get for being a traitor Jadem." As I walk out I try to act as natural as I can so not to draw attention to myself and using what little power I have left to put a glamour up. After walking around a bit I get the feeling of walking in circles. I could've sworn I saw that same sign a few minutes ago. Could be that the corners and walls are rounded. "Jadem," a female said. Oh **** where the **** did she come from? Remembering my glamour, I act like Jadem did when he was around people and gave a cold blank stare. "It's gmanwoman, from training," she told me. Obviously she didn't get the hint, " well if you don't remember me that's ok. Where are you going? I thought you were supposed to guard the prisoner." "Outside," I mumble, "Silver took over for me. It's too getting stuffy for me in here. Need the fresh air." "Oh, well you do know you're going the wrong way right? Where's the map you was assigned?" She asked me. "Must've forgot it. Mind telling me which way?" "Sure it's-" She's cut off by a loud shrieking noise followed by heavy footsteps headed my way. This day just keeps getting better and better. Just as I'm about to run in the opposite I hear someone say, "Stop right there!" "Aww.. You all have matching outfits, how sweet" I say mockingly whilst taking off my borrowed uniform seeing as no point in wearing it anymore, "pretty soon you'll all have matching pain too." "I wouldn't do that if I were you" a voice grunted behind me. "You won't like the outcome." As I slowly turn around I begin to recognize that and start feel the odd sense of something humans call "fear", obviously something new to me. "You." "Hello Adrean. It's nice seeing you again, although last time it wasn't under the best circumstances, but I'm sure you still remember," my attacker responds with an annoying smirk on his face. "Who the **** are you?" I bark at him wanting to rip the smile off his face. "Oh, my apologies, seems I gotten caught up in the moment and had forgotten to introduce myself. My name is gmenman and I will be taking you back to your cell. Any objections? I thought not." With a nod of his head im knocked out again. As I come to I see black and red spots dancing in my sight followed by gmenman's face. "Wakey, wakey." "Uuuuhhhhhgggg....." "Good morning sunshine. Hope you're not afraid of heights given your current condition." First I look down the I look up and notice two things. One I am hanging five feet off the ground and two I'm hog-tied hanging from the ceiling on a meat hook. "Wow. Sunday must be really **** to come up with this one." "No, actually, this was my idea. Great isn't it?" He snickers lightly clearly enjoying this. "Now about you defecting. I say you join the Legion and I-" "Just wait until I get down. You'll see how great idea was. I've already told you all I shall never join you barbarians." I seethe at him. "Now, now. I wouldn't say that. Few more up there hours up there and you just might change your mind. In the meantime I have a few questions of my own. Like what are you and where do you come from? You're clearly not human." "Like I would tell you, you human swine! You aren't worthy of the secrets I hold!" "Very well then. I have some important business to attend to. You can just hang out here. Not that you have a choice." As he turns away laughing there is a huge explosion followed by many small explosions and chaos. "She's in here!" I hear a familiar voice call out. "Darkiran! Hey mind helping me out?" "Sorry kid, it's out turn to take you this time." The last things I remember after that is seeing an unfamiliar person talking to RamPuppy and hearing Ram saying, "Trelwan set one here and over there and make sure he's unconscious." Then briefly waking up to see the base blow up and hear someone say, "this is Acruxion reporting in. We've got the girl and are heading to the rendezvous. Over and out." To be continued.....
  20. MrBizzy

    Does anyone know how it happened? Sorry that I'm just a bit delayed. Just now started playing again. And is a armistice or build day? I got confused...
  21. dallas meetup

    It was awhile back, so I doubt you would.
  22. dallas meetup

    If you will remember the day that you and I were in chat you had a pic of yourself up. I asked you if that was really you and you said yes and I told you that you reminded me of a friend of mine...
  23. dallas meetup

    Wow mittens, I mean kittens, I didn't realize how much of a sarcastic jerk you are till just now. I've actually, unintentionally, seen a picture of him. And, no offense slippers, have actually seen better. And on the San Antonio bit. The only reason I would go anywhere near there I to 1. Feed you my beautiful red bots. 2. I'm passing by because of some important thing I've got going on. 3. I get into TSU and am visiting the area already. I would rather just leave Pups alone and hang with my fellow QONQRers without playing the game and learning more about them. That's kinda the point of having meet ups.
  24. dallas meetup

    I can't drink. I would, but yeeeeaaaahhhhh...... I also wouldn't have a ride up there either. Srry
  25. Qonqr Legion Call to arms.

    You're welcome.