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  1. Goldwalker is heading stateside!

    G'day to my USA comrades! I will be heading to Orlando FL in the end of September and then to NYC in Early October for a quick recce! Feel free to offer any awesome intel on what to do / where to go / who's zones to smash ;-) Maybe catchup with some fellow Q operators for a brew?
  2. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    man! missed that boat!
  3. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    WP for the win! I've had WP since windows moble was out on pocket pc and I havent ever had a drama! I tested out an android and man they were ****! too many items and other superfilous **** taking up system resouces, and storage - wow the worst! Based on feedback i've had from colleagues who have jumped the fence from ios to android and haven't looked back, imagine what they would be like if they took that extra step to WP.....
  4. Qonqr Black

    Black is an awesome app! Windows phone dominate!
  5. Worlds largest zone - Wagga Wagga Australia

    oi your sister is hot bro!

    epic guys! Well done, legion commends your dedication
  7. promoted to sergeant major! booyah

  8. Every Hidden Medal

    Great effort!
  9. Every Hidden Medal

    Well done man! Legion respect the commitment of their adversaries
  10. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    Great update, many thanks to silver and his WP dev team! I notice the mapping issue on my WP 7.5, but its manageable. I would like to see however a multidelete option for the command wire...getting tedious with the zone capture too and fro! ;-) great effort with the zone search function!!
  11. Qonqr - 2014 Plans/Goals

    *holds breath*
  12. "death star" zones

  13. AIQ Gear: Now Open

    Haha! Don't hate me because I'm legion!
  14. Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Welcome mate, fight the good fight in Sydney, check out redfern when you get the chance, kaschei needs some opposition ;-) im legion in Perth. Enjoy the community, and the game, remember it is a geo-SOCIAL game of world domination; don't forget about making allies.
  15. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Metalchic turncoated?!?! Why you double-crossing no-good swindler, you got a lotta guts coming here, after what you pulled! just jokes ;o) Though if Lando was here, he'd be ear-bashing left-right-and centre!